GaLyn Hargis, Mother of a Freak Who Accused Me to the FBI, Could Put This on Her Pinterest Page

Posted on February 5, 2021


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The images juxtaposed above (dated approximately 2005, 2016, and 2022) are of the same person, a serial liar named Tiffany (Hargis) Bredfeldt, daughter of GaLyn Hargis.

Below is a photo of one of the few mementos of my father I possess, besides the plastic box containing his ashes. The flip phone was returned to me by the nursing home where he starved to death in 2016.

My dad’s other belongings, things that my brother and I had made for him when we were kids, for example, were unceremoniously dumped in a landfill after the bank foreclosed on his home. That was while I was last in court with the freak daughter of GaLyn Hargis: for two years, under threat of imprisonment, based on a web of lies her daughter had been spinning for a decade to conceal an extramarital dalliance at my home.

GaLyn Hargis, the wife of retired Arkansas banker Tim Hargis, considered launching a Pinterest page during the interim, I guess, and then aborted the project. I gather that her son-in-law ditched her daughter around the time the court put an end to her daughter’s petty reign of terror in 2018, which besides multiple prosecutions included crackpot reports to city, county, state, and federal police.

It would sure suck if the dissolution of her daughter’s marriage dampened GaLyn Hargis’s enthusiasm for online scrapbooking.

A solution might be for her to reconceive her ambitions for the project. I wouldn’t be surprised if her husband, a fourth-generation cattle rancher, didn’t have a stuffed head or two on a wall someplace and a something-or-other-skin rug on the floor.

Gay Hargis could put up a collection of trophies of her own. The photo of my father’s phone that’s included in this post would make a fine centerpiece.

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*Like many of those who were caught up in a 12-year hoax perpetrated on the police and courts by her daughter, Tiffany (Hargis) Bredfeldt, at the expense of my family and me, GaLyn Hargis seems to prefer a low profile, which she has kept since she was informed of the truth 15 years ago. Her daughter, who is or was a public official in Texas, apparently devotes a portion of her days now to endeavoring to suppress reports of her and her stooges’ sick conduct.