Ruth Bredfeldt Is What’s Rotten about Christian Conservatism Today

Posted on May 10, 2021


A majority of the Americans who identify themselves as conservative Christian republicans work hard often thankless jobs in industries that provide the backbone of a functional economy and make possible the security and standard of living that our citizens take for granted. They’re the builders and the fixers, the cleaners and the clerks, the soldiers and the seamstresses. And they have faith that one day they’ll enjoy peace and freedom from labor and landlords, managers and mortgages in a better place to come.

This post isn’t about them.

To distinguish the kind of people this post is about, I use the example of Ruth Bredfeldt, the mother of a man who, along with his wife, dismantled my life over a 12-year period by serially accusing me to more courts and law enforcement officers than it’s possible for me to know.

Because it served them to.

Ruth Bredfeldt is a registered republican, the mother of three, and the wife of a retired medical doctor who accumulated a goodly sum of his wealth, which is modest by Silicon Valley standards but hardly inconsiderable, by helping to flack medical insurance. If the man has had a callus in the last 50 years, I’d be surprised.

Both Ruth Bredfeldt and her husband, Ray Bredfeldt, M.D., are adherents of an evangelical Protestant sect called the Presbyterian Church in America and attend services ministered by their son-in-law. Ruth Bredfeldt’s husband is a former deacon of the same church.

According to Colorado public records and a real estate site on Google, this is where Ruth Bredfeldt resides:

Cozy, right?

Below, in contrast, is where her husband and her son and her daughter-in-law endeavored to have me housed based on accusations grounded on lies spun over many years to cover up what might be called an extramarital lapse:

Ruth Bredfeldt and others like her—wealthy, privileged pretenders to piousness—would probably say she supports “family values.”

I could have been incarcerated for up to some 16 months in the penal institution pictured above and maybe considerably longer: Ruth Bredfeldt’s son employed cut-rate, dirtbag attorneys who tried to impress the court with accusations of phony felony crimes just to coerce me to give up and plead for mercy (after I got a lawyer of my own and wasn’t a sitting duck).

Did Ruth Bredfeldt consider whether there were mouths that depended on me for food and how months or years behind bars would impact them (on top of the decay that years of false accusations had already inevitably caused)? I don’t think so, no. Did Ruth Bredfeldt carefully weigh, according to her “Christian conscience,” how this might affect my family and their fortunes?

I don’t think she gave any consideration to anything but herself and her family. I don’t think she ever has.

I would even hazard a guess that she relished a little gossip with the girls: other idle, moneyed matrons either with nothing better to do or no compelling reason to do it.

How people like Ruth Bredfeldt have come to be identified with conservative Christian values in America isn’t such a mystery. They have political clout and social prestige, which makes them the kind of folks the downtrodden and disenfranchised want on their side.

What the have-nots don’t grasp is that users like this are only on their side because it makes them feel good, increases their wealth, and costs them nothing but some smiles and hosannas.

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*If people like those this post criticizes were earnest in their purported faith, they would follow the example of their savior: give their riches away to those in greater need, live humbly, and dedicate their days to ministering to the poor and the sick. Obviously.