Psych Patient Tiffany Bredfeldt’s “Victim’s Impact Statement,” Presented to the Arizona Superior Court (2016)

Posted on March 6, 2018


Tiffany Bredfeldt, an inveterate liar, is a senior toxicologist at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the second largest regulatory agency of its kind in the country after the EPA. You won’t find her name among its staff, though, because for years she has alleged she’s in danger.

She gave a presentation before the National Research Council of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in defense of fracking in 2013, was appointed to the Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board last April, and was interviewed in May on ABC News but the ruse is maintained nevertheless, and it has garnered her a private office and a wealth of special attention.

Bredfeldt’s title today is Dr. When the writer knew her, she was a Mrs. who represented herself as a Miss. The writer, then an aspiring children’s humorist, babysat Mrs. Bredfeldt, who invaded his seclusion and was routinely to be found outside of his residence up to and past midnight (minus her wedding ring), for three months in late 2005.

The writer has been in and out of court with Mrs. Bredfeldt again and again over the decade since he demanded an explanation for her conduct, and has variously been accused by her of stalking, sexual harassment, and posing a violent threat to her and others. Her boss at the TCEQ, Toxicology Director Michael Honeycutt, also a recent EPA appointee, testified in 2013 that special security measures had been instituted at the TCEQ to protect her against the writer, who lives in another state and has had no contact with her since 2006.

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Tiffany Bredfeldt, Ph.D.

Mrs. Bredfeldt’s claims, which she reports she has made to “multiple police departments, detectives, federal agencies, and other officials in several states” and with which the writer has lived every day, have been calculated distortions or frauds, and all have been made to conceal an extramarital indulgence and to demonize, terrorize, oppress, and defame the writer, who only ever treated her kindly.

Consequent to his responding to overtures from an obviously lonely stranger hanging around his house at all hours, the writer’s professional aspirations long ago flew to wherever dreams go to languish and expire.

This post shares Mrs. Bredfeldt’s characterization of the intervening years in a statement she gave in evidence to the Pima County Superior Court in April 2016. The object of that four-page Victim’s Impact Statement” was to have the writer censored and jailed.

The mentality of false accusers and the persistence of accusations and their toxic residue are among what critics of those who complain of misrepresentation invariably fail to comprehend. Scoffers imagine false accusation is over and done with as quickly as a mere physical violation, and they think violence is worse. To paint a contrast, the writer has been run down in the road by a 4×4 doing 45 mph. The collision, of a nature only 15 out of 100 survive, lifted him out of his shoes, gashed his face two inches above his left eye, tore ligaments and cartilage from bone, and shattered joints. Five days post-surgery, after he was released from ICU, the writer was hobbling on a broken leg and within six months was running. The number of times he’s thought about the driver in the intervening years is zero.

For social justice advocates with the stomach for unwelcome truths, a full account of this matter (to date) is here. What has become a 12-year ordeal was licensed by a commonplace, one-hour-in-and-out court process that anyone can exploit entirely for free and that generates a permanent public record registered in state and federal police databases.

Victim’s Impact Statement

Tiffany Bredfeldt, PhD

I am not sure how to begin this statement, even though I have told this story to so many people so many times. This ordeal has endured for nearly 10 years now. I have been pursued, harassed, and defamed since 2006, yet I see no end in sight. Even as I write, I know that this Victim’s Impact Statement will soon be posted online and used as fodder for group stalking and defamation among people I have never met. It will be intentionally tagged and ranked high in search engine results under my name, in an attempt to maximize its damage to me, my reputation, and my family. My words will be parsed out, obsessed over, and conspiracy theories and alternate meanings developed. That withstanding, the truth of this matter needs to be stated. This has all been alarming, disturbing, frightening and isolating. I have simply wanted to live my life in peace. Until this moment in time, I had all but given up that this would ever end. Even now, I am not confident that it will end unless the Defendant has significant consequences to encourage a different life path.

Since 2006, the constant cyberstalking and harassment has significantly altered the decisions and the direction of my life. It has also altered lives of my family members. Hundreds of people have been contacted by the Defendant about me, often multiple times. Contacts include both sides of my extended family, my employers and colleagues, my mother’s employer and colleagues, my father’s employer, my father-in-law’s employer, friends, church pastors, professional societies, and state and federal agencies. Essentially, anyone that can be confirmed by extensive online searching to have any real (or perceived) connection to me has been contacted by the Defendant and told that I am a fraud, perjurer, criminal, mentally ill, sexual deviant, etc. Literally thousands of pages have been written, emailed, and blogged to an untold number of people. I have been to the Court multiple times, talked to multiple police departments, detectives, federal agencies, and other officials in several states. It has cost me tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and related expenses (some of which the defendant has been ordered to pay and never has). This ordeal has caused diagnosed physical and psychological harm to me, including post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

In addition, these behaviors have been a major deciding factor in the path I have taken in my career and whether or not I consider employment opportunities. It has altered where I live and how I live. The ongoing fear, stress, and associated physical impacts have been a decision factor as to whether or not I have children. It prevented me and my family from moving back to Tucson for a job opportunity. It has damaged relationships with my family, friends, and spouse. I also know that it is one of the first things that people see when they conduct an online search about me, influencing their perception and first impressions. These impacts to me have not just happened by some accident—they are the intentional result of the Defendant’s purposeful actions over the past 10 years.

[Omitted here is a protracted interlude in which Bredfeldt chronicles “important events” from 2006 to 2016 and how she reacted to them, including by notifying the FBI, which rejected her complaint (possibly while the responding officer made vertical propeller motions beside his or her temple). Excepting the year 2006, what Bredfeldt terms “events” were either letters or emails from me to others asking for their help or online publications to the world at large like this one. None of these “events” included contact with Bredfeldt, who could only have culled publications from this site to implicate as “disturbing” by obsessively monitoring it for “untold hours” every month for five years.]


I came to the Court and law enforcement for the first time approximately 10 years ago. What has happened since has been a continual rollercoaster of fear, disappointment and hopelessness. What I had been told would be easily fixed by an Injunction Against Harassment in 2006, placed on someone I only knew as an acquaintance for 3 months, has turned into a decade of vicious cyberstalking and harassment. It has injured my health and mental well-being, altered my path in life, and harmed relationships with those that I love. I have incurred enormous costs for legal expenses, court fees, travel back and forth to Tucson, legal insurance, and medical costs. I am tired. I have looked for help everywhere I could for 10 years. I have talked to more people at police departments, sheriff’s departments, and federal and state agencies than I can count. Meanwhile, the cyberstalking and harassment drags on and on and on. Through untold hours of online searching and contacts, the Defendant literally knows more about my extended family than I do. Disturbing and exhausting are not nearly strong enough words. I fear for my safety. Multiple people have told me that they also fear for my safety. I want my family and I to be left alone and live in peace. Why is that too much to ask? What I have gotten since the 2006 IAH has been the furthest thing from peace.

Thank you for your interest and consideration in this situation. Please consider all possible and appropriate actions and restitution to correct the Defendant’s ongoing behavior as soon as possible. It is very difficult to describe in these few pages the enormous impact this has had and continues to have on my life. I do not want the next 10 years of my life to be like the last 10 years. Please help this to finally end.

The highlights in the text, many of them meant to stress an irony, are added. Here is a letter the writer hired an attorney to prepare in 2009 to “help this to finally end.” Bredfeldt represented it to the court in 2013 as evidence of harassment.

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*(Post-conviction) victim impact statements originated in the 1970s after the Manson murders. Their purpose is to impress upon parole review boards the impact magnitude of violent crimes on victims and those close to them. Their exploitation for the purpose of cover-up mocks the pain of people who have suffered unspeakable violations and losses.