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An Anagram of RationalWiki Is “A Liar—I Know It”: Talking Back to Little Sisters Who Play Big Brother

July 5, 2015


They have a network of informants. They target dissenters, lump them, and apply a label. They maintain lists. They coerce lockstep conformity with their perspectives by ridicule and censure…. No, I don’t mean the former East German secret police; I mean those liberal/feminist pretenders to enlightenment and humanism whose robotic pronouncements are so clotted with jargon they actually read […]

Feminism and Gender Guilt: On Restraining Order Policy’s Encouraging Judges to Abuse Men

July 16, 2013


A police officer’s job is to enforce policy, not interpret it. And policy respecting allegations made pursuant to seeking a restraining order, in particular allegations made by women, is to take the truth of those allegations for granted. Judges, on the other hand, are paid—and quite handsomely—to interpret evidence and testimony, and to apply policy […]