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A Story of Female Sterilization That Should Stress to Those Who’ve Been Violated by Fraudulent Abuse of Legal Process Why Reporting Judicial Tyranny and False Accusers Is by Itself Pointless (You Must Demand Change)

October 27, 2014


The point of sharing the explication below is to emphasize how forlorn prospective recourses for redressing rights violations stemming from false restraining order and similar prosecutions are. Accountability is zero, across the board. If you’ve ever wondered why a judge may be censured for rude conduct but not for ignoring lies or misrepresenting evidence, here’s why. Quoted from “The […]

“N.J. Judges Told to Ignore Rights in Abuse TROs”: A Retrospective Look at Vicious Restraining Order Policies 20 Years Later

June 13, 2014


Among the challenges of exposing crookedness in the adjudication of restraining orders is credibility. Power rules, and the people who’ve been abused typically have none. Their plaints are discounted or dismissed. Influential and creditworthy commentators have denounced restraining order injustice, including systemic judicial misconduct, and they’ve in fact done it for decades. But they aren’t […]

You Be the Judge: On Those Who Blame for a Living, Restraining Orders, and the Golden Rule

May 22, 2014


Restraining order laws authorize lives lived decently to be discredited by judges in minutes, judges who know little or nothing about the people they presume to size up in a glance. Defendants, men and women from all sectors of the social spectrum, report being made to feel like sex offenders based on knee-jerk character assessments […]

“Fag,” “Stalker,” “Sicko,” “Brute,” “Creep”: On Labeling and the Psychic Effects of Public Revilement in and out of Court

January 23, 2014


One of my favorite puzzles when I was a boy directed the solver to figure out what was different between almost identical pictures. I think it appeared in Highlights for Children. I have a collection of Highlights someplace, because I meant to write for kids and used to study and practice children’s writing daily, but […]

The New Domestic Violence: Restraining Order Abuse

December 7, 2013


Daughter: “He hits me, Ma.” Mother: “Well…I can’t say I’m surprised. What’d ya do?” Daughter: “Whaddya mean, what’d I do?” Mother: “What’d ya do to make him angry? He didn’t just hit ya outta the blue.” Daughter: “I guess I didn’t do what he wanted me to.” This exchange is extracted from a recent Hollywood […]

Playing God: A Further Consideration of the Character and Conduct of Officers of the Court

November 30, 2013


My previous two posts have been directed at the character and conduct of officers of the court (that is, attorneys and judges), and the one immediately preceding this one looked specifically at a number of cases of extreme judicial misconduct. I sketched some of the implications of this misconduct, which ranged from debauchery to violence, […]

Turnabout is Fair Play: Scrutinizing the Character and Conduct of Officers of the Court

November 29, 2013


Fair is a word that appears prominently in ethical canons drafted to define the methodologies and behaviors expected of judges (which canons are consolidated into states’ codes of judicial conduct, compendia of rules and principles that in the administration of restraining orders are more often paid lip service than scrupulous attention). An obligation of using […]

“restraining order ruins his life”: A Review of Queries Leading to This Blog

January 29, 2012


Among the thousands of web searches that have drawn readers to this site over the past year and a half, a couple of noteworthy themes stand out. Here’s one: “abuse of process” “false report to a police officer” florida “abuse of process” & “order of protection” “abuse of process” and missouri “abuse of process” california […]