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Objections to Restraining Orders AREN’T about Restraining Orders

December 1, 2013


Let’s get something clear: protests against restraining orders aren’t about restraining orders. Granted, it’s a violation against decency and all things American for the government to casually curtail citizens’ freedoms without even consulting them first. But, seriously, who cares if a judge says one adult can’t talk to some other adult? Objections to restraining orders […]

Restraining Order Victims and Victims’ Advocates Speak Out

August 23, 2011


The brief, unedited accounts and pleas for justice and legislative representation that follow are drawn from an online petition titled, “Stop False Allegations of Domestic Violence.” They represent its most recent four months’ responses only. Worthy of note is that at least 25% of responses are from women (some themselves victims of restraining order abuse) […]