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Restraining Orders Make Casual Interpretation of Superficial Facts Easy, Privative, and Enduringly Crippling

February 9, 2016


Most restraining orders are issued ex parte, that is, based exclusively on the testimony of the accuser. Making hyped, skewed, or false allegations against someone who’s not there to contradict them, and making those allegations persuasive, isn’t hard. Hearings to finalize orders based on ex parte rulings, furthermore, may begin and end in 10 minutes. […]

Lip Service: What Passes for Fair and Sound Restraining Order Policy in Michigan (and, Largely, Everywhere Else)

June 10, 2014


I’ve tried in earnest to field a lot of questions about the rules and practices that apply to restraining orders. A lot of the answers don’t make any sense. Judges and authorities don’t question the fairness or sense of the rules, because that’s not their job. Lawyers sometimes question them but may not be fully aware […]