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judicial demolition

The author of this blog was judicially censored in 2013. The proscriptions of the vague, overbroad, and flagrantly illegal prior restraint that was imposed upon him by a judge who has since been shamed off the bench were ones the author was alleged in 2016 to have “continuously and contemptuously violated.” Pending an appeal, which was denied in Dec. 2017, he had no choice but to dismantle a blog that was trafficked over 300,000 times a year. The 2016 court indicated how it would “construe” the unlawful speech injunction, leaving the writer some elbowroom (i.e., a remnant of his “inalienable” right to freedom of speech) to painstaking reconstruct an endeavor of thousands of hours invested over many years.

How to Tell Your Story of Legal Abuse by Video

Hoping Quincy Cooling of Montrose High Attains His Every Dream

The Most Important Things to Know When Defending against Restraining Order Lies

TCEQ Scientists Tiffany Bredfeldt, Michael Honeycutt, and L’Oreal Stepney No Longer Employed by the Agency

The Enemy Is Not the System but Political Expectations

Speak of the Devil: How to Fight Lies, Even by Institutions like the Court and the Church, When Your Only Tool Is Words, Part 2

Irreverend: How to Fight Lies, Even by Institutions like the Court and the Church, When Your Only Tool Is Words, Part 1

A Novel Restraining Order Defense

Tiffany Bredfeldt, Lying Freak

How an Innocent Woman May Be Accused of Molestation, Rape, or Murder and Have to Live with It

Ruth Bredfeldt Exemplifies What’s Rotten about Christian Conservatism Today

GaLyn Hargis, Mother of a Freak Who Accused Me to the FBI, Could Put This on Her Pinterest Page

Phil Bredfeldt’s Pussy: Tips for Writing about Abusers Who Deceive the State for Sport

Asher Price Is a Ninny, Or, The Mythical Value of Diversity

Michael Honeycutt Condones Use of TCEQ Resources to Conceal Legal Mischief?

Michael Honeycutt, TCEQ Toxicology Director, Lies under Oath

Michael Honeycutt, EPA Top Science Adviser, Lies under Oath

What TCEQ Exec L’Oreal Stepney Would Ask Michael Honeycutt if She Cared Whether the Directors Her Agency Employed Were Unscrupulous Stooges

Angela Curry, Black TCEQ Toxicologist, Should Be Pissed

What L’Oreal Stepney, Newly Named TCEQ Exec, Would Ask Tiffany Bredfeldt if She Cared Whether the Scientists the Agency Employed Were Fucking Liars

L’Oreal Stepney Vanishes!: On How Legal Abuse Hides and Legal Abusers Hide

Jamie Hargis Witmer LPC Condones Abuse: Victims Should Seek Help Elsewhere

Stephanie Bergeron Perdue Should Head the TCEQ

L’Oreal Stepney, TCEQ Director, Falsely Denies Agency’s Censorship Practices

Phil Bredfeldt Apparently Dumps Wife, a Woman Who Serially Accused Me for a Decade with Him at Her Side

Michael Honeycutt, Hack Ph.D., Grooms Chronic Liar to Give Expert Witness Testimony as TCEQ Rep; Both Named to Trump EPA

Disregarded Reality Checks to VAWA: Highlighting the Efforts of Family Law Attorney Lisa Scott

Against a United Soviet Socialist States of America:

Kim Cheezum Prays for Chick-fil-A as My Dad Starves to Death

Anonymous Commenter Says He’s the NH Nurse Suspected of Violating a Restraining Order Hard Won by This Blog’s Author in 2018…and Complains He Knows Nothing about It

Emails by PCA Pastors Kevin Hale, Daren Dietmeier, and Jeremy Cheezum Used to Support Lies, Lawbreaking, and Abuse

Christ Churchs Sara Rojas Part of 11 Years of Lying and Abuse

Tim Hargis, Father of My False Accuser of 11 Years, Retires from Banking to “Spend More Time on His Cattle Farms”

Pastor Jeremy Cheezum Complicit in 11 Years of Lying and Abuse

Why Lying Women Don’t Cry Rape All the Time (Including Testimony by a Real, Live Lying Woman)

Is the Policy of Arizona’s Courts under Chief Justice Scott Bales Taught at UCLA as an Example of State Judges’ Contempt for the Constitution (and Bad Practice Generally)?

Terse Reviews of Arizona Judges I’ve Been Disappointed with So Far (with Critiques of a Couple of Arizona Attorneys and a Police Task Force Tacked On)

THOU SHALT NOT: A Consideration of the Biblical Commandment against False Witness Inspired by Dr. Ray Bredfeldt, an Ex-Deacon Who Deserves to Go to Hell

A Brief Reckoning of the Tolls of False Accusation Inspired by Liberal Prats Who “Wonder,” What’s the Big Deal?

Undocumented Immigrants and “Women’s Law”: Reflections on Liberal Incoherence

“An Asshole”: A Review of Jeffrey Marks, Tucson Attorney at Law (Who’s Disliked Even by His Heart Doctor)

Journal Entry: “not in jail”

“Fuck the Court”: A Brief Lesson on American Civil Liberties for Those Who’ve Been Given Every Reason to Believe They’re a Mirage

Last of the 2016 Prosecutions Brought by Psych Patient Tiffany Bredfeldt & Co. against the Author of this Site Terminates: ILLEGAL SPEECH INJUNCTION COERCED FROM DISGRACED JUDGE IN 2013 IS GUTTED

#MeToo Politician Sunny Reynolds’ Protective Order TOSSED

Letter to the Editor Notes How Claims of “Abuse” Are Used to Exert Control

Resistance Is Feudal: Understanding the Role of the Court, Especially in Civil “Abuse” Prosecutions

About Liberalism and Its Deterioration of Civil Rights…and Its Own Credibility

A Brief Introduction to Feminist Rape Culture

Fighting the Arizona Injunction Against Harassment

Katie Roiphe Rebukes Feminists’ Trivialization of Due Process But Is Scarcely Less Guilty of It Herself

Tell Us a Story: Using Pennsylvania’s Laws to Expose Restraining Order Lawlessness

“Vicious Energy and Ugliness”: Candid Observations about the Feminist Movement by Prof. Katie Roiphe

Play Misty for Me: Feminine Psychodrama and Restraining Orders

Talking Back to Irish Feminist and Misandry-Denier Taryn de Vere

New York Magazine Writer Jonathan Chait Says “the Feminist Police Haven’t Gotten Around Yet to Tormenting the Innocent”

If Restraining Orders CAN Be Abused, then the PROCESS Is Abusive—and Should Be Repealed

Constituent of #MeToo Politician Sunny Reynolds Describes a Phone Response by the “Victim” Mayor as Dripping with the “Vilest Truculence and Hostility”

There Are No “Sides” to a Story That’s BS: How Restraining Order Policy Turns Lies into Realities

Singer-Songwriter Kat McSnatch Knows How You Feel (“Can She Say That? Can I?”)

One Way to Convince a Judge to Appoint You Free Legal Counsel

A Portrait of South Texas College’s Jen Terpstra, a High-Conflict Liar, Vexatious Complainant, Abuser of Court Process, and Headcase

“Men Lie” v. “Women Lie,” as Represented by Google News in November

“What Would Mrs. Grundy Say?” Has Nothing to Do with the Law: Scrutiny of the Restraining Order Case against Blogger and Political Activist Derek Logue as Reported by Writer Peter Schorsch

What Massachusetts Law Firm Dane Shulman Associates Says about Restraining Order Abuse and Divorce

Previously Paddled Attorney Chris Scileppi Tells an Arizona Superior Court Judge That This Blog’s Author Has “Terrorized” and “Demonized” His Clients with Computer Code—and Isn’t Jeered out of the Room

#MeToo Restraining Orders Petitioned by Politicians This Month

Most False Restraining Orders against Feminists Who Abuse Children Work

Alison Friedman and Karen Mallard: A Consideration of Two Congressional Candidates from Virginia Who Could Move for Reform of Corrupt Abuse Laws if Elected But Who Probably Wouldn’t

What Feminist Writer Sandra Newman Gets Right about False Accusation and Why That Disarms Her Contention That It “Almost Never [Has] Serious Consequences”

Warrenton, Virginia Vice Mayor Sunny Reynolds Explains What Legitimates the Protective Order Process

BABY ON BOARD: Restraining Order by Virginia Vice Mayor Sunny Reynolds Kneecaps Town Council Election Rival Who “Pointed His Finger at Her”; Letter to the Editor Criticizes Conduct

Using BREDFELDT v. GREENE to Illustrate How Courts Frame Facts

Why Are Pro Se Defendants More Suspect in the Eyes of Judges than Lying Accusers?

“INFEST ’IM”: Some Anagrams of FEMINIST with Commentary about Why It’s a Dirty Word

Feminist Writer Emily Lindin Explains How “Innocent Men Losing Their Jobs over False Sexual Assault/Harassment Allegations” Isn’t a Matter for Concern

What’s Wrong with the Protective Order Policy “Better Safe than Sorry”?

Another Instance of a Restraining Order against a Woman Petitioned by a Man She Allegedly Talked ABOUT

Restraining Order Lies Acknowledged by Chief Tucson Judge

Sexual Solicitation, Assault Alleged by Texas Officials Michael Honeycutt and Tiffany Bredfeldt in Contradictory Testimony to the Arizona Superior Court, Implicating a Tucson Man Who’s Been Falsely Accused for 11 Years: ILLEGAL GAG ORDER GUTTED; “WOMEN’S LAW,” TCEQ DISCREDITED

Rhetorical Pitfalls of Careless “Abuse” Reportage (40 Years’ Worth)

Can Anyone Publish and Criticize a Judicial Ruling (Including a Restraining Order)?

What Defamation Is and Isn’t: On Writing about Abuses of Process

How to Reform Corrupt “Abuse” Laws: VOTE THEIR SUPPORTERS OUT

It’s Court, Sport: Lying Isn’t Punished; Only Losing Is

Don’t Talk to Police, and Don’t Shake Hands with Reporters

Rape Is a Violation Not an Excuse for Violation

A Response to Sandra Newman’s Claim That “False Rape Accusations Almost Never Have Serious Consequences”

Weston Solutions Dirt Engineer Phil Bredfeldt Complains to the Court That He’s Been Stalked

“I Reckon”: The Standard of Proof Applied by Judges to Restraining Order Cases

Murdered Dogs: Among the Consequences of False Reports to the Police

If Restraining Order Cases Are Only about Narrative, How Do You Beat a Liar in Court?

If You’re Determined to Write about an Unjust Restraining Order (or Other Procedural Violation), There’s No Point in NOT Naming Names

Restraining Order Cases Are about One Thing: NARRATIVE

NoEthics.Net Holds Judges and Lawyers Accountable to the Laws They Ply

Why Judicial Process Is Corrupt: The “Customer” Is Always Right

What Does It Mean When a Defendant Is Enjoined by the Court from Making “Indirect Contact” with the Plaintiff?

“PERMANENTLY PROHIBITED”: Camden County, New Jersey’s Idea of a Just Order of the Court

The Female of the Species Is More Deadly than the Male: A Restraining Order Plot Twist That Fans of Novelist Gillian Flynn Will Appreciate

The Use of Restraining Orders to Bully Women: Jenny’s Story

A Man’s “Tasty Little Balls…What a Treat!”: On RAINES v. ARISTEO, Free Speech, and Censorship

Gimme a Break: A Response to Marlisse Silver Sweeney’s “What the Law Can (and Can’t) Do about Online Harassment”

FABRY v. POWERS: An Injunction against a Woman That Underscores the Wastefulness and Absurdity of the Restraining Order Process, and Its Licensing of Civil Rights Violations by the Courts

Restraining Orders as Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs)

How Perjury in Restraining Order Cases Is “Incentivized”

Evidence of Perjury Cannot Be Used to Appeal a Fraudulently Obtained Restraining Order

Midlife Madness and Restraining Order Abuse

“Contact”: A Lesson in Semantics for Officers of the Law and Court

“Hacked”: A Word Used by False Accusers That’s Code for CRAZY

No One Is a VICTIM Just because S/he Says S/he Is: A Reminder for Reporters…and Other People Who Shouldn’t Need Reminding

Laying the Blame for Epidemic Bullying where It Belongs: At the Feet of Feminist Liberalism

“No Stigma Zone”: A Case for VAWA Grants’ Being Issued to Provide All Government Offices with Dictionaries so Their Employees Can Look Up Words like “Stigma”

Why the Restraining Order Is the Perfect White Trash Instrument of Malice

WTF Is Wrong with Restraining Orders and the People Who Administer Them?

Restraining Orders Make Casual Interpretation of Superficial Facts Easy, Privative, and Enduringly Crippling

An Aggressive Approach to Restraining Order Policy Reform: Threaten to Sue the State Courts Administrator in Federal Court

The So-Called Dialogue about Restraining Order Injustice and How It Might Be Redirected with Smarter Words…Like FRAUD

States that MAY Allow Records of “Protective Orders” to be Expunged…and Why They’re So Few

What Can Be Done with Public Records, Like Restraining Orders, Arrests, and Convictions: A Tutorial for Judges and Everyone Who’s Been Lied about to One

How Restraining Order Fraud is Motivated and Concealed by VAWA and Its Advocates

Restraining Order Rulings Aren’t about Justice but about Justification, and Lies to the Court Only Work because Judges Also Lie

Some Inconvenient Facts to Consider before You Apply for a Restraining Order

An Introduction to Process for Anyone Who’s Been Falsely Accused on a Restraining Order Petition and Doesn’t Know Anything about the Law

What False Accusation and Rape Have in Common

Legal Abuse and “Learned Helplessness” (Including Commentary on the Mythical Value of “Taking the High Road”)

Another Way False Testimony Is Concealed: The Unconstitutional “Prior Restraint”

Introducing the “Indefinite Temporary Restraining Order”

Court-Abetted Trespassing, Burglary, Larceny, and Embezzlement: A Terminally Ill Man’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

How Restraining Orders Make American Civil Procedure Contemptible (Russian Teacake, Anyone?)

“Somebody Do Something to End This Madness!”: One Commenter’s Appeal for Restraining Order Reform

Litigation Privilege: Why Restraining Order Fraud Is Pandered to and Why the Falsely Accused Are Denied Recourse to the Law for Vindication, Relief, and Recovery of Damages

Naked Wrestling for a Cassette Recorder: What Does a Protection Order Affidavit Look Like?

The Words Get in the Way: Reconceiving Arguments against Restraining Order Fraud

Mixed Loyalties: Why the Only One Looking Out for the Victim of Restraining Order Abuse is the Victim of Restraining Order Abuse, or, Why You’re on Your Own

“There’s No Justice System; There’s Just a System”: A California Paralegal’s Advice on Defending Yourself against a Restraining Order Based on Fraud

Law Professor Brooke Coleman Explains Why the Civil Defendant Is Denied Legal Counsel, and Why This Is Unjust

Understanding the Significance of False Accusations in Restraining Order and Related “Trials”

“Defend Our Constitutional Rights”: Anne’s Proposal to Redress Restraining Order Injustice

Constitutional Rights Are Only Real if They Can’t Be Denied: On the Price of Tolerating Bad Law

A Consideration of Attorney Gregory Hession’s “How to Fight a False Allegation Restraining Order”

Pointers for Contesting a Restraining Order

What Do People Accused in Civil Court Have to Complain About?: Civil Prosecutions and PTSD

A New York Judge Rules That Emailing Someone at Work Doesn’t Meet the Criterion of “Stalking”

Common Practices in Restraining Order Trials That the D.C. Court of Appeals Rejected Almost 20 Years Ago

Precautions to Take (Immediately) if You’ve Been Issued a Restraining Order

If a Man Who Complains of Procedural Abuse is an “MRA,” What Do You Call a Woman Who Complains of Procedural Abuse?

What Makes Someone an “MRA”? Why Are Those Guys So ANGRY?

Why I Think TBOGG Is a DBAG: A Few Words in Defense of “Restraining-Order-Americans” (and PETA)

An Anagram of RationalWiki Is “A Liar—I Know It”: Talking Back to Little Sisters Who Play Big Brother

Restraining Orders Don’t Empower Anyone but Police Officers, Prosecutors, and Judges; “Victims” Are Relieved of Their Rights, Also

Women’s Use of Restraining Orders to Commit Rape

“Rapist by Default”: Is This a Court Ruling That Should Be Possible in the Civilized World?

What Restraining Order Defendants Need to Know That No One Ever Tells Them: The Truth Doesn’t Matter

Borderline Personality Disorder, Procedural Abuse, and Feminism: A Victim’s Reckoning of Their Tolls

A Wronged Father’s Immodest Proposal for Restraining Order Reform

There Is Nothing about Restraining Order Law, Its Abuse, or Its Application That ISN’T Political

Restraining Orders Are Not Solutions People Should Be Told They Can Stake Their Lives On

That They’re Made in Civil Court, Too: A Response to Megan McArdle’s “What We Don’t Know about False Claims of Rape”

Low and Outside: An Umpire’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse (by an Underhand Screwball)

What “the Law” Means in the Restraining Order Arena and Why All Reasonable Expectations Defendants Have Are Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

ManBoobz and Subreddits: Why Your Abuse by the Justice System Is Less Important than a Communal Toilet

You Don’t Want to “Be a Part of It”: Commentary on New York’s Protection Order Biz

The Question of “Angry White Men” and Complaints of Procedural Abuse

Why More Falsely Accused Don’t Speak Out

“Asia’s Law”: A Bereaved Father’s Proposal to End Parental Alienation

In Its Condemnation of the Men’s and Fathers’ Rights Movements, the Southern Poverty Law Center Has Institutionalized Bigotry and Hate (Including Racial Bigotry and Hate)—Here’s How

The “Nightmare” Neil Shelton Has Lived for Three Years and Is Still Living: A Father’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

Misperception of the Damages of False Accusation Isn’t a Girls-Only Fault

False Accusations and Murder: More Headlines about the Effects of Finger-Pointing and Legal Abuse

False Accusations and Suicide: Some Headlines about the Effects of Finger-Pointing and Legal Abuse (Culled for the Empathically Challenged)

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here: The Hell of Legal Abuse Syndrome

Courthouse Violations and PTSD: What Is “Legal Abuse Syndrome”?

“Shame and Stigma” and the “Mean-Spirited Cultural Response” That Efforts to Cast Them Off Provoke: Procedural Abuse and Parental Alienation

A Victory for Free Speech: Matthew Chan Prevails in His First Amendment Appeal of a Lifetime Restraining Order

STINKIEST: Most Restraining Orders Are Sought Impulsively, if Not Maliciously

STINKIER: Not Only Do the Courts Toss Most Restraining Order Petitions, a Lot of the Ones That Are Finalized Are Later Withdrawn by Their Petitioners

STINKY: Most Restraining Order Petitions Are Rejected by the Courts

Invoking the Fifth Amendment Protection against Self-Incrimination in “Domestic Violence” Cases

A Word on Restraining Order Statistics and the Rate of False Restraining Orders

First Amendment Rights from Beyond the Grave: Defense of a Suicide’s Publication of His Final Words by the Randazza Legal Group

Judicial Incompetence and the Consequences of Restraining Order Rulings (Using South Carolina to Illustrate Why the Restraining Order Process is Pernicious)

In Perspective: How to Look at Restraining Order Judges Neutrally

Diddly: What Judges Who Issue Restraining Orders May Know about the Law

More on False Accusation Culture: A Memoir That Exemplifies how False Accusations Are Motivated by “Mass Panic”

Even when They’re Right, They’re Wrong: A Female Author Agrees Domestic Violence Laws Are Exploited to “Set Up” Partners but Puts the Blame Squarely on Men

Talking Back to Restraining Orders Online: What the First Amendment Says Is Okay

“She Said That I Had Been Burning Him Intentionally and That I Had Kidnapped Him”: Aaron’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

Cross-Examination: Yet Another Way the Deck Is Stacked against Restraining Order Defendants

Inciting Violence: If Lawmakers Require a Compelling Motive for Restraining Order Reform, How about This One?

“On the Receiving End of a Sociopath’s Lies”: A Professional Mom’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

Games That Kill: Sex, the “Justice System,” Accusal, Restraining Orders, and “the News”

Granting Anonymity to “Men Wrongly Accused of Rape” Is Not about Anything but Protecting the Innocent: Talking Back to Joan Smith, Chair of the Mayor of London’s Violence Against Women and Girls Panel

Accusation of “Whatever”: How We’ve Forgotten What Restraining Orders Were For Guest Post by Matthew S. Chan, the Appellant in a Restraining Order Case before Georgia’s Highest Court

(Straw) Hats off to Tennessee, the One State in the Nation That Has a Provision for Expunging a Bogus Restraining Order

Restraining Orders Are Public Records

Is the Horror of False Accusation More Urgent and Credible when Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz Describes It?

Not All Feminists Are Women, but All Feminists Are Responsible for Why False Accusations Are Rampant and Why They Work

“You have bullsh*t; we have research”: The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence v. Daddy Justice (Or, Why False Allegations Are a Serious Problem)

Dust It Off: This Isn’t 1979, and It’s Time Restraining Order Laws Were Reconsidered

Feminism and False Accusation Culture

“Trapped”: Betty’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

Why Women Who Are Falsely Implicated as Abusers Have No Defenders

Scapegoating: All Violence against Women, Including Rape, IS Punished—It’s Just Not the Guilty Who Necessarily Bear the Blame

You Can’t Sue for Perjury: Why Targets of Restraining Order Fraud and Other Procedural Abuses Based on Lies Get Screwed and Stay Screwed

Restraining Orders and the First Amendment: A Female Blogger’s Successful Appeal of a Restraining Order That Labeled Her a “Cyber-Stalker”

Judicial Impression Management: What Makes False Allegations “True” and True Allegations “False” (and Drives Victims of Procedural Abuses to Despair)

The Politics of Feminism and Women’s Law: A Response to Zerlina Maxwell’s Editorial “No Matter What Jackie Said, We Should Generally Believe Rape Claims”

Blinded by Science: Examining the Australian Government’s Sexual Assault Statistics to Expose How Such Science Is Derived, How It’s Applied, and Why It’s Not Really as Scientific as It’s Represented to Be

Stepford Syndrome: Why Feminist Rape Rhetoric Is Both Tiresome and Disturbing (and How It Hurts Not Only Men, but Women, Too)

Retracting False Allegations to the Court

Restraining Orders as “Revenge Porn”

A Source of False Reporting and Procedural Abuse Even Feminists Can’t Get Behind: Women Lying about Women

Chicken Sh*t from Rotten Eggs: Rosemary’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

J’s Story: Restraining Order Abuse and the “Dreaded Crazy”

Interminable Indeterminacy: How False Allegations on Restraining Orders May Be Worse than False Allegations of Rape

Living in the Crosshairs: Crackpot Neighbors, False Reports, and Restraining Order Abuse

How Dogma Is Preserved: A Feminist Law Professor Is Awarded a $500,000 Grant from Uncle Sam to Prove Claims of False Allegations in Family Court Are “Junk Science”

Criminalizing Criticism: Restraining Orders, the First Amendment, and Chan v. Ellis

Hocus-Pocus: More on False Restraining Orders and the Five Magic Words

The Five Magic Words: What Do Restraining Order Defendants Mean when They Say They’ve Been Falsely Accused?

A Story of Female Sterilization That Should Stress to Those Who’ve Been Violated by Fraudulent Abuse of Legal Process Why Reporting Judicial Tyranny and False Accusers Is by Itself Pointless (You Must Demand Change)

“Predator” v. “Porn Star”: Restraining Order Fraud, False Allegations, and Suing for Defamation

How It Serves Political Interests to Issue Restraining Orders Falsely

Beating up Disabled Girls: False Allegations and Judicial Dishonor

Representatives of the Israeli Bar Association Report False Accusations of Domestic Violence Have “Reached Epidemic Proportions”

BLACKMAIL: Using Restraining Orders to Extort and Punish

What Journalists Need to Understand about What Restraining Orders Are: A Tutorial for Investigators, Part 2

What Journalists Need to Understand about Restraining Orders and Their Abuse: A Tutorial for Investigators, Part 1

Feminist Response Invited: Mom Gives up after Spending $25,000 to Fight a False Restraining Order and Regain Custody of Her Son Only to Have Her Ex-Husband Start the Whole Thing over Again

“Women scare the sh— out of me”: When Restraining Orders Are Petitioned by Female Stalkers against Men Who Treat Them Sensitively

A Brief Look at Perjury Prosecutions: Who and What Counts and Who and What Doesn’t

Restraining Order Registries: Using Indiana’s Policies to Expose Government’s Abuse of Its Citizens

A Circle of Moms Reports on False Allegations to CPS (and Says the Same Things That Father’s Groups Say about the Abuse of Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence Laws)

Facts and Fairness: Using Arizona’s Policies to Expose Restraining Order Iniquity

Battering Women to Protect Battered Women: Using Massachusetts’s Policies to Examine Restraining Order Publicity and Its Damages

Big Money v. No Money: VAWA and the Men’s Rights Movement

Responding to a Feminist Professor Kelly Behre’s Perspectives on Men’s Rights Activism

“The PPO Destroyed My Career”: Grant’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

Connecticut Lawmakers Conclude Getting a Restraining Order Isn’t Easy Enough Already

Schizo: How Judges Think about Restraining Orders

When Girls’ Being Girls Isn’t Cute: False Allegations of Violence and Rape

Preserving the Safety of Persecuted Cheerleaders: New Jersey’s Domestic Violence Restraining Orders Revisited

Larry’s Story: Restraining Order Abuse and the Neighbor from Hell

Restraining Order Fraud and the Disintegration of Morals

Restraining Orders Based on Fraud Falsely Imprison Defendants Whether They’re Incarcerated or Not

Feminist Reports Conclude Restraining Orders Don’t Work: Time to End the Experiment

Mocking the Constitution for 35 Years: A Summary of Defendants’ Due Process Rights under the American Charter and How Restraining Orders Treat Them Contemptuously

“N.J. Judges Told to Ignore Rights in Abuse TROs”: A Retrospective Look at Vicious Restraining Order Policies 20 Years Later

Lip Service: What Passes for Fair and Sound Restraining Order Policy in Michigan (and, Largely, Everywhere Else)

On Withdrawing Restraining Orders That Were Obtained Impetuously (and on the Influences That Militate against Conscience)

False Restraining Orders That Allege Emotional Abuse ARE Emotional Abuse

Impulse: How Restraining Orders Encourage and Reward Tantrum Behavior and Why Feminist Advocates Should Be the First to Push for Their Reform

Sex, Restraining Order Abuse, and the “Dark Triad”: Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy

WomensLaw: A Domain Name That Says All You Need to Know about Where Restraining Order Reform Needs to Start

Ungoverned: Restraining Order Laws in Arkansas

You Be the Judge: On Those Who Blame for a Living, Restraining Orders, and the Golden Rule

How Men Lie on Restraining Orders: A Tutorial for Feminists

SPITE: Feminism and Restraining Order Rampancy

A Legislated License to Lie: Nothing CAN’T Be Falsely Alleged on a Restraining Order

How “Preponderance of the Evidence” Rewards Restraining Order Fraud and Why Bigger Lies Work Better than Smaller Ones

They Don’t Have to Be True, Just “Truthy”: Civil Restraining Order Allegations and the “Burden of Proof”

No Proof Necessary: Why Restraining Orders Are Abused and Why Restraining Orders Exist

“American Law is Irresponsible”: The American Civil Standard of Evidence and Abuse of Restraining Orders

A Scratch, a Push, a Pinch: “Domestic Violence,” False Allegations, and Restraining Order Abuse

Blame, No Shame: Restraining Order Abuse by High-Conflict, Personality-Disordered Plaintiffs

The Restraining Order Plaintiff from Hell: Malicious Prosecution and the “High-Conflict Person”

How VAWA Has Turned Our Courts into Restraining Order Vending Machines

Motives of the False Accuser According to the FBI: Mental Illness, Attention-Seeking, Profit, Blame-Shifting, and Revenge

PERJURY: BS-ing the Court, the Frequency of False Allegations, and the Fraudulent Abuse of the Civil Restraining Order

The Truth about the Frequency of False Allegations ISN’T to Be Found in Statistics: On How Fraudulent Abuse of Civil Restraining Orders Escapes Recognition

Victim-Playing and Restraining Order Fraud

Bullying: A Proposition for Psychological Study Inspired by Accounts of Restraining Order Abuse and Fraud

Shifting Blame: DARVO, Personality Disorders, and Restraining Order Abuse

“Fag,” “Stalker,” “Sicko,” “Brute,” “Creep”: On Labeling and the Psychic Effects of Public Revilement in and out of Court

Diving into the Shallow End: What It Takes to Disprove and Recover Damages for a Restraining Order Based on Fraud

Restraining Orders Aren’t FOR Their Applicants but AGAINST Their Recipients: On the Gravity of Civil Injunctions

Role Reversal: Using Restraining Orders to Conceal Misconduct and Displace Blame

Granting Restraining Orders to Stalkers: On How the Courts Are Abused to Abet or Conceal Stalking (or Label Conduct “Stalking” That Hardly Qualifies)

Infidelity and Restraining Order Abuse

The New Domestic Violence: Restraining Order Abuse

Objections to Restraining Orders AREN’T about Restraining Orders

READ THIS: Extremely Practical Advice and Navigational Tools for Anyone Targeted by the Restraining Order Racket

Playing God: A Further Consideration of the Character and Conduct of Officers of the Court

Turnabout is Fair Play: Scrutinizing the Character and Conduct of Officers of the Court

Psychopaths at Law: On the Likelihood That the Psychopath in the Courtroom ISN’T the Defendant

“Breaking the Glasses”: One Blog Writer’s Metaphor for Exposing Restraining Order Abuse

Not Evil Geniuses but Brats in Slacks: On Narcissists and Restraining Order Abuse

What HE Said: On Why Once a Restraining Order Fraud Has Been Put Over on the Courts, It Sticks like Pigeon Scat on a Car Hood

Presumed Guilty: On How Restraining Order Laws Enable and Promote Abuse

Rape and Restraining Order Fraud: On How Men Betray Women, How Women Betray Men, and How the Courts and the Feminist Establishment Betray Them Both

“restraining order is bullsh*t”: A Lesson in Lying

Lying Back: On Taking the Low Road against Restraining Order Abusers

A Safety Seal: What Restraining Orders and Tic Tacs Should Have in Common but Don’t

Circumventing Due Process Isn’t Just What Restraining Orders Do—It’s What They Were Designed to Do

Feminism and Gender Guilt: On Restraining Order Policy’s Encouraging Judges to Abuse Men

Restraining Order Fraud and Female Victimization of Men

Scott’s Story: A Husband’s Account of Restraining Order Abuse

“Why Would Someone Get a False Restraining Order?”

A Liar’s Dream Medium: On Why Fraudulent Restraining Orders Are So Effective

Restraining Order Administration and Money, Money, Money, Money, Money

“Do I Need a Lawyer?”: On Combating Restraining Orders

Crying Wolf: On Attention-Seeking Personality Disorders and Restraining Order Abuse

“Are You Serious?”: One Commenter’s Experience of Restraining Order Corruption

Coercing Coercion: State Abuses of the Restraining Order Process

“restraining order ruins his life”: A Review of Queries Leading to This Blog

Restraining Order Victims and Victims’ Advocates Speak Out

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