How to Tell Your Story of Legal Abuse by Video

Posted on April 20, 2023


Below is a very brief video I made in about an hour to augment a post on another site. It isn’t meant to be comprehensive. For anyone who may be interested, the post the video supplements is here.

For best textual readability, press play, tap the settings icon at the bottom of the frame, and adjust the playback quality to 720p. The default setting for YouTube videos is half that resolution, so the would-be storyteller should advise viewers to make the tweak.

This kind of thing, which is a narration using text and static images only, isn’t going to go viral anywhere, but it may be useful in articulating legal mischief to, for example, friends and family who have an interest in the facts but who may have been alienated by false accusations. Often people on the periphery of legal battles don’t know whom or what to believe. Besides that, anything to do with the law is unnerving.

Posts on this site of the recent past have detailed the legal constraints imposed on negative criticism, namely, what speech is protected by the First Amendment and what speech isn’t. This post introduces an alternative form of storytelling that’s far more palatable to most audiences than expository writing and a lot less nerve-racking for those who aren’t confident writers. The legal constraints still apply, however, so the would-be vlogger is counseled to know his or her limits.

I used Adobe Express. It’s a free online video editor. I uploaded AI-enhanced images, including of text snippets, for better quality and typed out about 10 frames using simple phrases or brief sentences. Then I downloaded the final product and uploaded it to YouTube.

A huge bonus to using YouTube to tell your story is that it’s a highly trafficked site with a high domain rating. What this means in lay terms is your video will rank high on Google almost the instant it’s published. A blog post, by contrast, can linger in limbo, especially if it criticizes, for instance, someone who shares a name with many other people.

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