Hoping Quincy Cooling of Montrose High Attains His Every Dream

Posted on March 1, 2023


Quincy Cooling is an earnest young athlete who’s trying to raise money for a church trip to Mexico where he says he will help construct homes for indigent locals. I learned of Quincy’s GoFundMe page because one of the named contributors on it is a man I asked for help many years ago, Jeremy Cheezum, a former Presbyterian pastor in Montrose, Colorado.

I matched Mr. Cheezum’s donation with the hope that Quincy will enjoy greater success and joy than I was able to reap from my own youthful passions.

If I were Quincy’s counselor, I would tell him that words, whether noble, poetic, or sacred, may be heady inspirations to do good, like building homes for people who would otherwise have no roof over their heads. But good is something we ourselves create. A person serves good by freely serving the good in himself…and a smart one tries to have a little fun while he’s doing it.

Copyright © 2023 Todd Greene

*How my fortunes and my family’s were influenced by Mr. Cheezum and his family is chronicled here and elsewhere, but the would-be reader is cautioned that the story is not suitable for innocent eyes.

**I can’t help but think that a motive for Mr. Cheezum’s placing his name on a student fundraiser was to take advantage of a chance to downplay negative reports of his choices with a positive one, which to this writer would make the act shameful, and I believe Jesus, who preached that giving is something that should be done in secret, would agree with me. Men shouldn’t hide behind children. I think Jesus would agree with me on that, too.