If Tim Hargis of West Equity or Tim Hargis of Meadowlawn Elementary Are Perplexed by Their Respective Google Statuses, Here’s What They Should Know

Posted on March 5, 2021


A psych patient named Tiffany Hargis (Bredfeldt), currently or until recently employed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, engaged in a 12-year hoax on law enforcement officers and the courts at the expense of this writer, and she endeavors to suppress reports of that conduct on Google by strenuously manipulating its algorithms.

This is why, for instance, the image carousel for the search term Tim Hargis, is more likely to be found in the middle of the first page of Google’s returns for that term rather than at the top.

The woman’s aim is to quash the appearance of this post and images associated with it entirely:

Tim Hargis, Father of My False Accuser of 11 Years, Retires from Banking to “Spend More Time on His Cattle Farms”

To keep on the good side of First Amendment law, the writer must qualify the foregoing, of which he is certain, as opinion. I’ll call it qualified opinion.

Those named Tim Hargis who aren’t Arkansas cattlemen are free to entertain the writer’s conclusions or reject them as they will.

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*Those who are curious may Google either the search term Michael Honeycutt or Michael Honeycutt TCEQ (Honeycutt was a stooge in the woman’s hoax) and try to find the image carousel associated with either term. It not only doesn’t appear on the first page of Google’s returns but may have been driven several pages distant from those initial returns. After more than a decade of deceiving everyone she knows, this accomplishment may be the only source of congratulations still available to the woman. As of this writing, the cherubic cheeks of the TCEQ’s Michael Honeycutt don’t appear on Google until the very bottom of page 5.