Asher Price Is a Ninny, Or, The Mythical Value of Diversity

Posted on December 8, 2020


There’s a prevailing dogmatic fancy that a plurality of skin tones among administrators of government is always an improvement over the traditional monochrome.

This liberal article of faith, which adherents would prefer be called a principle, is exemplified by Austin American-Statesman reporter Asher Price in a news bit I’ll address shortly.

Like many mainstream liberal tenets, ethnic diversity is a fine ideal but a hypocritical priority. As can anyone whose welfare has depended on the ethics and discernment of a judge “of color” whose qualifications otherwise offered little to recommend him/her for the post, I can attest that diversity can translate to gratifying optics at the expense of justice (and, I suspect, often does). After being harassed by a disturbed woman and her husband for over a dozen years through law enforcement and the courts, I was handed a half-baked verdict by a Hispanic judge on the Arizona Court of Appeals who showed little perceptible aptitude for reading, let alone interpreting and applying the law, and his white colleagues deferentially bowed to his opinion.

Had he conceded any less that he did, I’d still be under the couple’s thumbs (had they remained a couple—signs suggest the husband split after their last series of attacks backfired). As it is, I merely have an order entered by a lower court that forestalls them from lodging further malicious prosecutions based on the same false allegations, which were dismissed: no reward for my travails, no public records purge, and no consequences to the couple.

This is what the falsely accused have to count a “win.”

I’ve also had reason to criticize an administrator of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), L’Oreal Stepney, a black, female candidate for the agency’s top executive position in 2018 who Asher Price, the journalist referenced above, seemed to feel was predictably passed over in favor of a white male, Toby Baker (who admittedly looks like a privileged, baby-faced frat boy in a good suit).

Amid the initial throes of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, coercive political pressures apparently succeeded, and L’Oreal Stepney and a Hispanic colleague, Ramiro Garcia, Jr., were this year named co-deputy executive directors of the TCEQ.

L'Oreal Stepney, L'Oreal Stepney TCEQ, Toby Baker TCEQ, TCEQ, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Ramiro Garcia TCEQ

TCEQ Office of the Executive Director (combined salaries: $621,277/year)

People like Asher Price probably consider this progress.

What experience teaches, though, is that if you hand a cushy $200K/year administrative job to a “strong black woman”—the favored liberal cliché of condescension, like black women wouldn’t rather be called “brilliant,” for instance, or “beautiful”—if you hand a cushy administrative job to a “strong black woman,” she may improve the hierarchical color scheme, but you’ll just have succeeded in turning her into the stereotypical overfed, complacent white guy you believe you replaced. If anything, she’ll be less likely to rock the status quo by asserting divergent values.

George Orwell wasn’t wrong.

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*What this writer would love to see an Asher Price expose is how many of the judges who’ve routinely deported undocumented immigrants, including unparented children, are themselves children or grandchildren of (once) paperless émigrés.