Michael Honeycutt Condones Use of TCEQ Resources to Conceal Legal Mischief?

Posted on September 17, 2020


The title of this post ends in a question mark because it’s a supposition only.

So is this: A woman named Tiffany Bredfeldt, a scientist in the employ of Michael Honeycutt, the director of toxicology of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), dedicates a considerable block of time each day to manipulating Google’s algorithm in order to suppress criticism of her and others originating from this site.

The basis for this supposition is my observation of the inexplicable waxing and waning of this site’s publications in Google’s returns for certain people’s names, like that of L’Oreal Stepney, deputy executive director of the TCEQ, which is very distinct.

Curiously, the activity responsible for the suppression, if it is correctly perceived as such, halted completely at the start of the pandemic for about six weeks or so.

I entertained the notion that the person I suspect to be behind the activity, Bredfeldt, a disturbed woman who for 12 years accused me to numerous officials in at least two states—including municipal, state, and federal law officers, and judges numbering in the double digits—had been institutionalized.

It’s more than conceivable.

The suspicion I favor, though, is that she lacked access to the TCEQ’s Internet connection, which, belonging to a giant government research facility, is bound to be pretty good.

It would probably be easy enough for an IT guy at the TCEQ like Sagar Bhatnagar to check, even without access to the “private office” Honeycutt says he provided his “employee.” The suspected activity would involve visiting tens or hundreds of websites and image URLs every day, and possibly hundreds or many thousands of times every day.

If nothing else, I think looking into it would provide a TCEQ tech nerd with a good story, besides a titillating glimpse at what crazy looks like (though if I know crazy, and I do, the activity will immediately abate upon notice of this post, so past activity would have to be reviewed).

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*Probably taxpayer-funded resources allocated by the state of Texas to the TCEQ are meant to be dedicated to scientific investigation exclusively. But if critics of the TCEQ are to be believed, that seldom happens there anyway.