Michael Honeycutt, TCEQ Tox Director, Lies under Oath

Posted on September 12, 2020


Michael Honeycutt, Ph.D., whom this post tersely exposes, is the director of toxicology of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). He is also the current chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Boards but, amid some controversy concerning his ethics, reportedly will not be seeking reappointment when his term ends next month.

Readers may consult “What TCEQ Exec L’Oreal Stepney Would Ask Michael Honeycutt if She Cared Whether the Directors Her Agency Employed Were Unscrupulous Stooges” and its attendant links for specifics concerning this post.

Note: The writer’s publication of satirical images like the one below is not meant to suggest to the reader who has been victimized by court process that people who lie in court or abet liars in court deserve to be lampooned merely. It is the writer’s conviction, rather, that they deserve to be harshly censured in court, like those who are lied about, threatened in court, like those who are lied about, and sent to jail, like those who are lied about too often are. The deplorable fact is that liars like Honeycutt are almost always rewarded for their misconduct with the court’s thanks. Criticism and satiric commentary are thus victims’ only lawful recourse.

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Michael Honeycutt, Ph.D., director of toxicology of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), represented as an even fatter big fat liar


Lied under oath in a lawsuit in which he phoned in an appearance to help a colleague who had lied under oath deprive the writer of his First Amendment liberty to report their lies.


That his and his colleague’s testimony could never be published.


By testifying that I had called his colleague a “fraudulent scientist” because I told him she was a liar.

Honeycutt also reported secondhand fictive tales of sexual harassment/aggression that he acknowledged under oath he had made no attempt to clarify let alone verify.


Because he had an inappropriate relationship with his colleague, who was and continues to be his employee. Whether that inappropriate relationship went beyond willing service to her as an agent in an enterprise that was later deemed unlawful, the writer can’t say. (Honeycutt did, however, testify that he had provided his colleague with a private office with a door that locked, and the woman was nominated to a post at the EPA coincident with Honeycutt’s nomination.)


An unconstitutional censorship order prohibiting the writer from reporting years of false testimony by Honeycutt’s colleague, a married woman who had indulged an infatuation at the writer’s home in 2005. The writer lived under the order for five years, sustaining himself by manual labor, before it was dissolved in 2018, when the woman’s accusations were dismissed, and a mutual order was entered by the court prohibiting her from ever revisiting them publicly (though the writer is certain they continue to circulate privately). While the writer lived hand-to-mouth, Honeycutt was paid a generous six-figure salary for performing in an air-conditioned facility what is reportedly held by many to be suspect science for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

The illegal order Honeycutt was instrumental in coercing from a since disgraced judge was only dissolved after a protracted two-year contest following his colleague’s seeking to have the writer imprisoned, which Honeycutt apparently supported, and her false allegations continue to be preserved as public documents that can only serve to impede the writer and that have galled and gnawed at him, to the diminishment of his and others’ lives, for nearly 15 years.


Relished his moment in the spotlight as the EPA’s chief science advisor by all appearances.

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