What TCEQ Exec L’Oreal Stepney Would Ask Tiffany Bredfeldt if She Cared Whether the Scientists Her Agency Employed Were Fucking Liars

Posted on June 29, 2020


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The author of this post, Todd Greene, was targeted at his home in 2005 by a disturbed married woman named Tiffany Bredfeldt who was then a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona and has since 2006 been a Ph.D. She indulged an infatuation and then lied to whitewash her conduct.

For the next 12 years, Greene would be in and out of court with Bredfeldt, based largely on allegations of hers stemming from their three-month acquaintance in 2005. Those allegations, by her own admission (in 2016), would be made “to the Court multiple times [and] to multiple police departments, detectives, federal agencies, and other officials in several states”—including the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety and the FBI.

In 2010, Bredfeldt joined the staff of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Three years later, she prosecuted Greene with the help of her boss, TCEQ Toxicology Director Michael Honeycutt, to prevent Greene from talking about his experiences in court. The upshot of their tag-team effort was an unlawful injunction imposed upon Greene that forbid him from speaking about Bredfeldt’s conduct or his own travails in the “justice system,” even “by word of mouth.”

The illegal injunction, which violated Greene’s First Amendment rights (and concealed lies), was dissolved in 2018 (five years later) after Bredfeldt sued to have Greene wrongfully imprisoned for allegedly violating the censorship order.

Recent posts on this blog have criticized administrators at the TCEQ for their claims and conduct and provided a brief series of statements culled from the hours and reams of “evidence” that show so plainly that Bredfeldt is a liar that even a bureaucrat or a judge couldn’t fail to discern the fact.

What follow are questions that TCEQ administrators who probably rankle at my criticisms might pose to Dr. Bredfeldt to clarify conclusively whether they have supported and continue to employ a person who is most succinctly called a fucking liar.

In sworn testimony given in evidence against Mr. Greene in 2013, Dr. Honeycutt informed the court that you had told him Mr. Greene had “propositioned” you in 2005, and he opined that “propositioned” meant Mr. Greene had sought to have sex with you.

QUESTIONS: How did Mr. Greene “proposition” you? What specifically did he say? Did he touch you?

In a document you submitted in evidence to the court in 2006, an email from you to him, you tell Mr. Greene that you “never felt the need” to inform him you were married because you thought he viewed you “strictly as a social friend.” In the same email, you say he had been “nice” to you.

QUESTION: How does this align with the account you later related to Dr. Honeycutt prior to the 2013 lawsuit?

A few months after you provided evidence to the court that you had “never felt the need” to tell Mr. Greene that you were married, you alleged to the court that Mr. Greene had made “several physical, romantic advances” toward you despite being rebuked and that he continued to engage in this conduct and forced you to respond by removing yourself from the premises where he lived.

QUESTION: How is the statement that you “never felt the need” to tell Mr. Greene you were married consistent with your statement that he made repeated “physical…advances” toward you?

QUESTIONS: What form did these “physical, romantic advances” take? Did he grasp you?

Immediately before providing these seemingly contradictory statements to the court, you informed the police Mr. Greene had made a single advance toward you, that you “calmly explained” your marital status, and that he acknowledged your wish to be friends only.

QUESTION: Why did you later tell the court that he made repeated advances toward you?

In your statement to the police, you said you had told him you were married.

QUESTION: Why then during the later action Dr. Honeycutt supported you in, in 2013, did you testify that you had never told Mr. Greene you were married?

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*One of the TCEQ’s administrators the author of this post has (obliquely) criticized, Stephanie Perdue, its (former) deputy executive officer, has a law degree. The others, Michael Honeycutt and L’Oreal Stepney, who was recently promoted to deputy executive director, have advanced degrees in science and engineering, respectively. Honeycutt is today the EPA’s top scientist. Bredfeldt apparently separated from her husband at or about the time their final lawsuit against the writer was dismissed.