L’Oreal Stepney Vanishes!: On How Legal Abuse Hides and Legal Abusers Hide

Posted on June 1, 2020


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Has L’Oreal Stepney, a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality deputy director and the subject of a recent post on this site (here represented as a children’s entertainer), gone off and joined the circus? This post will use the disappearance of images of her from the first page of Google’s returns to exemplify how legal abuse is concealed.

Since a series of malicious prosecutions against this writer terminated in 2018 and his First Amendment rights were “restored” by a court system that never had the authority to deny them in the first place, he has endeavored to expose wrongdoing—in a majority of cases by government officials who enjoy the public’s trust undeservedly—while at the same time demonstrating to others who have endured abuses similar to those the writer has that they have the constitutionally guaranteed liberty to voice complaint.

Not meekly, not anonymously, not in prose sanitized of names and dates and allegations but pointedly and graphically. Criticism is protected speech, and it doesn’t have to be polite.

In the name of “social justice,” procedures of law that enable any adult, citizen or not, to stroll into a courthouse and upend other people’s lives according to nothing more than their own say-so have been allowed to stand for decades.  Lying is not only tolerated in court; it’s standard operating procedure, especially in civil court, which is a procedural backwater with zero accountability. The processes and how they’re conducted are farcical, which translates to cruel and indecent.

Here are a few ways, for example, that protective orders may be employed:

The gamut of abuses is only limited by accusers’ imaginations and lack of scruples.

One successful prosecution (total investiture: less than two hours’ time and sometimes mere minutes) can moreover open the door to serial mischief, including violation of constitutional rights and liberties. In the writer’s case, past false but prejudicial claims were used to deny him the freedom to speak, including by “word of mouth,” about his own travails in court. For five years. And he’s hardly alone (see for instance the case here or that of Bruce Aristeo, who remains subject to one of the most draconian speech injunctions the writer has ever seen).

The order that forbid the writer from discussing even matters of public record was eventually dissolved (after more strenuous exertions than any outsider could possibly comprehend).

So what do scofflaws do when the court is no longer willing to abet them? They get creative (or desperate, depending on your perspective).

The woman named in the title of this post, L’Oreal Stepney, has done nothing to injure the writer directly. He has merely pointed out that in her capacity as a representative of the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, which has injured the writer directly, she falsely reported that the TCEQ doesn’t engage in censorship. Her role in anything concerning the writer was tangential only. Still, what he has reported is potentially embarrassing to her. So—

Here is the carousel of images that pop up when Google is queried with the search terms L’Oreal Stepney.

In recent weeks, this carousel hasn’t appeared on the first page of Google’s returns, as such image strips typically do when names are queried. As of this writing, it’s deep on page 2. The same is true of other TCEQ administrators the writer has criticized, Michael Honeycutt, its director of toxicology, and Stephanie Bergeron Perdue, its deputy executive director: The carousels for them disappear from the first page of Google’s returns, or they regularly plummet to the bottom.

It’s common knowledge that most people only pay attention to what emerges on page 1. I don’t know what specific underhand methods are used to accomplish this end, but this is how the game of politics works.

You don’t make wrongs right; you cover your butt.

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*The writer believes the suspected agent of this suspected conduct, a disturbed woman named Tiffany Bredfeldt, currently or formerly an employee of the TCEQ, who appears to have been dumped by her husband a couple of years ago, makes search engine manipulation a dedicated part of her everyday routine since duping the court for over a decade.