Christ Church’s Sara Rojas Part of 11 Years of Lying and Abuse

Posted on September 10, 2019


The text of this post is based on an earlier one originally titled, “Uncle Phil Said He’s a SICK F–K.” That phrase was one I was labeled with in a document submitted to the police by the brother of Sara (Bredfeldt) Rojas, a staff member of Christ Church Milwaukee, whose two children are the inspiration of this post. Those children’s aunt, uncle, and grandfather, who are today prohibited by mandate of the court from harassing me further, endeavored to have me imprisoned based on false, filthy, and/or frivolous allegations. They employed unscrupulous attorneys and exploited laws that are typically criticized by conservatives as destructive to the family, conservatives, it’s worth noting, like those of Christ Church Milwaukee’s evangelical Christian congregation. Conservatives criticize the laws for good reason: While advocates of these laws pay lip service to child welfare, children are arguably the predominant victims of the laws’ commonplace abuse. Among the ways children are damaged is exposure to the twisted games that self-indulgent adults play.

This message was communicated to me by email on the first day of what would become 12 years of legal harassment by the aunt and uncle of the children who inspired this post. Their uncle Phil I had never met. Their auntie Tiffany I knew better than I ever should have. She had nightly lingered outside of my house for months and taunted me with references to her body and underwear, apparently relishing the attention. Then she lied to the police and the court to conceal her misconduct when I learned she was married and demanded an explanation—and she has lied over and over since (as testimony I’ve included below shows plainly). The message above was sent after Phil and Tiffany Bredfeldt had obtained a court injunction forbidding me from responding to it. Sort of like a four-letter nyah-nyah. The couple thought it would be cute to send a copy of the message to the police, apparently to reinforce the idea that they were afraid for their lives (because why wouldn’t you provoke someone you were afraid of?). I was an aspirant kids’ writer with a puppy and a parent in chemotherapy. Maybe the spoiled brats thought that was funny also.

I was most recently prosecuted by liars in 2016. What made that year different—and what made this publication possible—was that the liars sought my imprisonment (to cover up lies), and I requested and was granted court-appointed representation.

What’s more, the attorneys I was granted were excellent. Allegations spread across multiple prosecutions were thrown out in their entirety.

Maybe I have divine intervention to thank. To be certain, the God of the Bible despises bullies, especially rich, self-satisfied ones, which is what this post is about.

Like many or most of those who visit this site and identify with its accounts and criticisms of false accusation and abused and abusive laws, I’ve been lied about a lot and for a long time, and the lies probably continue today.

I have no way of knowing.

What I do know, because I know I’ve been monitored for as long as I’ve been lied about, is that there’s no one I’ve appealed to for help over the years who can possibly be unaware of the truth today.

Sara Rojas, Mrs. Roberto Rojas, Sara Bredfeldt, Sara Bredfeldt Rojas, Pastor Jon Talley, Rev Jon Talley, Jon Talley, Christ Church Milwaukee

Sara Rojas, daughter of a doctor, wife of a doctor, who has lived a privileged life while ignoring her family’s corruption of others’

That includes Sara Rojas, today children’s and women’s ministries coordinator of Christ Church Milwaukee under Rev. Jon Talley. If mention of the church attracts any of his congregants to this post and site, so much the better, because I think they’re exactly the kind of forthrightly ethical people who are offended by the excesses of feminism and #MeToo movementeers.

I appealed several times to Mrs. Rojas for aid in gaining relief from persistent false accusations made by her brother’s wife, Tiffany Bredfeldt. I reasoned a woman whose father and husband were doctors would appreciate the harm such behavior could cause, and I reasoned, wrongly, that she would care or that her Christian conscience would bid her to.

Not only did I never hear from her, but her father, Dr. Ray Bredfeldt, a Presbyterian deacon who got rich flacking health insurance, volunteered to testify in court eight years later to have me jailed while my father lay dying and to have me forbidden, besides, from ever sharing the truth with anyone in any way for the rest of my own life. He wasted his time and years more of mine.

I had also appealed to Mrs. Rojas’s brother-in-law, Jeremy Cheezum, who, like Rev. Jon Talley, whose congregation Mrs. Rojas serves, is a Presbyterian minister, which seemed like an ideal person to negotiate a remediation. I never heard from Rev. Cheezum, either. I had told him that cleaning up Auntie Tiffany’s lies would be costly and that those lies had left me in no position to foot the bill. This “devout” Christian family represented my settlement appeals as extortion to the court. The allegation was baseless, and it was abandoned when I declined to be intimidated and submit to their terms.

Their terms boiled down to disappear and die.

Here’s a synopsis of statements Christiano Rojas and Maria Rojas’s aunt gave in evidence to the court or, in one instance, to the police only between 2006 and 2017. The story they tell isn’t the half of it, but it’s succinct, and its contradictions are palpable. The children’s aunt has lied impulsively, randomly, and wickedly and then lied to conceal the lying, and I have lived in the shadow of those lies every minute of every day since they began, while Sara Rojas has reared two beautiful children and enjoyed “spending time outdoors with her family and cooking up new recipes in her kitchen.” (The children’s uncle Philip, Mrs. Rojas’s brother, was incidentally privy to all of these statements and has supported them fully, including under oath.)

Dr Roberto Rojas, Aurora St Lukes, Roberto Rojas MD, Pastor Jon Talley, Rev Jon Talley, Jon Talley, Christ Church Milwaukee

Jeremy Cheezum, Ray Bredfeldt, Roberto Rojas MD, Dr. Roberto Rojas, Aurora St Lukes, Pastor Jon Talley, Rev Jon Talley, Jon Talley, Christ Church Milwaukee

Tiffany Bredfeldt, Jeremy Cheezum, Ray Bredfeldt, Dr. Roberto Rojas, Roberto Rojas MD, Aurora St Lukes, Pastor Jon Talley, Rev Jon Talley, Jon Talley, Christ Church Milwaukee

People of moral character might call the woman a crackpot, a Jezebel, a monster, or a pageant of much coarser things. What they couldn’t call the woman is a victim.

Jeremy Cheezum, Rev. Jeremy Cheezum, Pastor Jeremy Cheezum, Trinity Montrose, TRPC, Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church, Kim Cheezum, Fletcher Cheezum, Bailey Cheezum, Logan Cheezum, PCA, Presbyterian Church in America, Pastor Jon Talley, Rev Jon Talley, Jon Talley, Christ Church Milwaukee

So Rev. Jeremy Cheezum, Sara Rojas’s brother-in-law, tells his followers at Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church in Montrose, Colorado, and I think Sara would say she agrees with the directive. The message their children register, however, may be very different: Do what you want. Don’t get caught. Lie. Wealthy people love you. Nothing else matters.

I’ve never met Sara Rojas or her kids. The children, however, I pity, because I don’t think this conduct is a kind that should be role-modeled, and I think a children’s and women’s ministries coordinator should be particularly sensitive to that. Some might consider deceiving law enforcement officials and judges against the law.

Mrs. Rojas and her husband, Dr. Roberto F. Rojas, an M.D. at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, have seemed cool with it, and to me that’s worse role-modeling yet. Mrs. Rojas’s father, moreover, Grampa Bredfeldt, is presumably a cherished figure in her children’s lives, and he’s a man who sought to have another man his family had already wronged for 10 years gagged and locked in a concrete box to save face and what I think is most precious to this family: money.

A woman Grampa Bredfeldt was scheduled to testify with in 2016 had characterized his daughter-in-law’s behavior toward me this way:

Jeremy Cheezum, Rev. Jeremy Cheezum, Pastor Jeremy Cheezum, Tiffany Bredfeldt PhD, Dr. Tiffany Bredfeldt, Pastor Jon Talley, Rev Jon Talley, Jon Talley, Christ Church Milwaukee

The email containing the woman’s remarks has been online since the beginning of last year and is presumably known to Dr. and Mrs. Rojas, whose denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America, asserts:

Godliness is founded on truth. A test of truth is its power to promote holiness according to our Saviour’s rule, “By their fruits ye shall know them” (Matthew 7:20). No opinion can be more pernicious…than that which brings truth and falsehood upon the same level.

By the church’s own standard, Sara Rojas and her family’s fruits are rotten.

Pastor Jon Talley, Rev Jon Talley, Jon Talley, Christ Church Milwaukee

I’m reminded of a Biblical quotation about whited sepulchers, and some readers of this post may be too.

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*My father starved to death in 2016, without dignity or grandchildren, alone in a cramped room in a cut-rate nursing home, while the latest series of prosecutions brought or motivated by the family this post concerns was raging. I spent the last night of my dad’s life preoccupied with another family’s shit. These people have allowed their disease to corrupt and diminish others’ lives for almost 14 years.