Tim Hargis, Father of My False Accuser of 11 Years, Retires from Banking to “Spend More Time on His Cattle Farms”

Posted on September 3, 2019


Tim Hargis, father of my false accuser of over a decade, apparently retired from his post as a Springdale, Arkansas First Security Bank vice president in July. My attention was otherwise occupied, which would probably disappoint Tim to learn.

Tim Hargis, Timothy Hargis, First Security Bank

Tim Hargis

He has determinedly ensured that his family’s smell has tainted every breath I’ve drawn.

His married daughter, Tiffany Hargis (Bredfeldt), formed what for brevity’s sake I’ll call an infatuation upon our meeting about this time in 2005. She hung around outside of my residence up to and past midnight for months and engaged in antics she would not have had her absentee husband or her scolding mom been present. Tiffany told me her fundamentalist parents had constantly made her “feel like a whore” growing up, which I would contend is the motive of all that I’ll disclose below; monsters like her are the products of nurture, not nature. Suffice it to further say that Tiffany Hargis, who had been married for four years, represented herself as a single woman living alone with a dog.

Since I learned she had a husband and demanded an explanation from her, she has lied profusely to law enforcement officials and judges to whitewash her conduct and retool herself a victim. I expect she’s still lying today. She has interests to protect, like inheritance of her father’s “cattle farms in Hindsville and Huntsville,” for instance. Her husband’s family is well-to-do, too. Based on what I’ve been told over the years, that’s how Tiffany was reared: to marry well, that is, wealthy, which is why I think she was catting around my doorstep. The husband, Philip, was an obsequious twerp.

Tim and GaLyn Hargis

I could report that the woman was cloistered as a child (that is, kept indoors with mom while her father and brother, Jon Hargis, “shot shit”), that her friends and boyfriends were screened and rejected if deemed unsuitable, that she showed me a choker she had fashioned to remind herself of what it was to be “kept on a leash,” that she told me her grandfather (Tim’s dad, I guess) had killed himself and left a gory mess she resented having to mop up, etc., but I no longer value the force of narrative. Others who may find themselves in similar situations with inveterate liars in today’s political climate are advised to take the cue: People will discredit or ignore what you say. That especially includes cops and judges. Optics will always be against you.

Instead of defending yourself with a narrative, get the liar to talk on record as much as you can and then quote her (or him, as the case may be).

That’s what I’ve done since an illegal speech injunction that was imposed on me in 2013 was lifted last year and the court put this family on notice that legal process isn’t a playground regardless of how much money you have to burn.

Here’s a synopsis of statements Tiffany Hargis (Bredfeldt) gave in evidence to the court or, in one instance, to the police only between 2006 and 2017. The story they tell isn’t the half of it, but it’s short, and its contradictions are palpable. The woman has lied impulsively and viciously and then lied to conceal the lying. Phil Bredfeldt, her “husband,” has followed his wife’s lead, nodding when expected to and signing beside the X’s.

Tim and his wife, Galyn Hargis, who have watched this happen, were informed their daughter was a liar at least as far back as 2007, and I more than suspect they already knew that.

Maybe the four people who didn’t miss Tim Hargis’s retirement announcement on First Security Bank’s Facebook page and offered their congratulations—Ron Harrison, Brenda S. Rascoe, DeLane Johnson McCoy, and James Bradley—would also care to congratulate him on his success as a parent.

If I were to congratulate him, it would be for what was likely an unguarded moment of honesty. Tim reportedly isn’t retiring from a 40-year career in finance to spend more time with his family but to “spend more time on his cattle farms.”

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*The author of this post, who has been falsely accused of sexual aggression, stalking, and posing a violent threat; temporarily denied possession of firearms (of which he has never owned any); sued while one parent was in chemotherapy; sued again while the other starved to death; sued to be imprisoned (twice), etc. was an aspirant children’s humorist who has been a vegetarian since he was 16.