Jeremy Cheezum Is Unworthy of Dads of Great Students

Posted on August 29, 2019


A Presbyterian minister referenced in the last post, Jeremy Cheezum, has urged the institution of a parent-child scholastic program called Watch D.O.G.S. (“Watch Dads of Great Students”) at Pomona Elementary School in Montrose, Colorado, which his children attend. One of the program’s stated aims is to heighten the safety of kids by encouraging the presence of male parents on campus, who would serve as “watchdogs” or guardians-slash-deterrents-of-school-violence.

Jeremy Cheezum, whose in-laws legally abused the author for 11 years, besides usurping an additional year of his life by resisting the appeal of a speech injunction they coerced from a judge in 2013, which for five years unlawfully forbid the author from communicating what they had done to anyone, including by “word of mouth” (demonstrating the power that money exerts)

The concept clearly arose in response to school shootings by perpetrators generally dismissed as disaffected maniacs.

According to Montrose Press senior staff writer Katharhynnn Heidelberg:

WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) invites men to volunteer in schools as classroom assistants, hallway monitors, playground supervisors, lunchroom assistants, and more. The idea is for them to engage positively with the students in a mentoring capacity; as well, it is thought that a male presence helps deter security risks.

This writer has no criticism of the program’s aims of child safety and increasing parents’ involvement in their children’s education. Both are laudable.

His criticism is only of its “volunteer coordinator,” Jeremy Cheezum, pastor of Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church (TRPC), whose role in the program is hypocritical.

Science, as recent news stories have reported, confirms that few men who engage in what are seen as “deranged” or “nonsensical” acts of violence against innocents would fit the criteria for being labeled mentally ill. The traits they do consistently share are anger and feelings of social isolation and alienation.

Jeremy Cheezum has been a party to acts of psychological violence that condition just such a mental state, namely, years of false, frivolous, and/or filthy accusations made by members of the wealthy family into which he married.

Rev. Cheezum didn’t just watch; he participated. He represented lies as the truth, whether knowingly or just carelessly, and if he rues that, he hasn’t made any YouTube videos on the subject. His nominating himself a guardian should therefore arouse nothing but scorn.

To demonstrate the point, consider this comment by a recent respondent to this blog:

[F]alse allegations[’] driving real violent crimes has crossed my mind many times. I saw a study on false allegations of sexual assault that found a pattern of personality disordered accusers targeting the classic “nice guy.” I couldn’t help but wonder if the “not so nice” or “average guy” is a lot more likely to retaliate at some point thereby appearing to confirm the initial accusations. In my case, I’ve had hundreds of pages of accusations filed with the court, several days of hearings, a pending criminal accusation (false allegation) [with] the clear motive being her desire to punish me….

The respondent is plainly a lucid man in extreme pain. “Living under constant false allegations is torture,” he says.

Contemplate that word torture for a moment and know that the man is absolutely right.

Here’s a question: Could a less scrupulous man, tormented ceaselessly, conceivably become the kind of person Watch D.O.G.S. hopes to thwart? I think the answer is obvious. Just as I think it’s obvious that a coauthor of such torment is a person Watch D.O.G.S. should categorically reject.

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*Jeremy Cheezum’s in-laws endeavored to take me out (literally). Four prosecutions were initiated against me in 2016 alone, all by or motivated by these people, and their tissues of lies had left me in no condition to mount a $100,000 defense, which they counted on. Two of the prosecutions demanded my incarceration based on false or unlawful grounds. The father of Jeremy Cheezum’s wife, Kim Cheezum, who is a retired M.D. and probably supports the Cheezums generously, was on one of the witness lists. All of their allegations were eventually dismissed, though the family fought to the bitter end to protect their image and make publications like this one and the last prohibited on pain of imprisonment.