Constituent of #MeToo Politician Sunny Reynolds Describes a Phone Response by the “Victim” Mayor as Dripping with the “Vilest Truculence and Hostility”

Posted on April 14, 2018


Previously remarked here, Virginia’s Fauquier Times reported last month that Warrenton Vice Mayor Sunny Reynolds was granted a restraining order against one her constituents, local real estate investor Keith Macdonald, for allegedly displaying aggression toward her in a restaurant during a verbal exchange lasting a few minutes. Ms. Reynolds testified she was “afraid” and complained to the press that she felt she was picked on because she was a girl.

This week, the same news outlet ran a letter to the editor by another of Ms. Reynold’s constituents, Robert Bowman, which contrasts with her self-representation to the police and the court as a fragile flower (emphasis added).

In the last city council election, I ignored friends’ advice and not only voted for Sunny Reynolds, but also allowed her to be the only candidate ever to place a campaign poster in my yard.

Since the election I have had three occasions to contact Reynolds.

On the first two incidents she did not call or respond in any way.

On a third issue I wish she had, yet again, ignored me. She responded to [it] by [phone] with the vilest truculence and hostility.

To say she was less than helpful would be a grave understatement.

Robert Bowman

Feminists are oblivious to the obvious, and no one else could fail to miss the implications, which spares this writer any obligation to comment further.

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