First Security Bank VP Tim Hargis, Whose Daughter Has Deceived the Police and the Court for over a Decade, Exemplifies the False Accusation Fence-Sitter

Posted on April 8, 2018


UPDATE: Allegations by psychiatric patient Tiffany Bredfeldt, daughter of FSB VP Tim Hargis, the subject of this post, were invalidated in July of 2018, and Tim’s daughter is expressly prohibited by order of the court from making false or frivolous accusations to law enforcement officials in the future.

Timothy “Tim” Hargis (hard g) is the father of my false accuser, Tiffany (Hargis) Bredfeldt, whose hanky-panky hijinks and courthouse mischief have fouled a quarter of my life, during which Tim, a bank vice president and pious churchgoer, has passively watched with his hands in his lap.

I babysat Tim’s married daughter for three months in 2005 (September through early December), during which she was almost nightly to be found outside of my residence up to and past midnight—while her absentee husband, Phil Bredfeldt, apparently entertained himself elsewhere. I was taunted for not inviting her in after midnight, and she unfailingly worked references to breasts, bras, and panties, her naked body, striptease and the like into our conversations. Then she disappeared. Tim’s daughter would dispute that narrative. Not disputed is that she was frequently outside of my residence at night (alone), never wore a wedding ring, and never identified herself as married or made any reference to a spouse. She gave in evidence to the court months later (March 2006) the emailed statement that I had been “nice to [her]” and that she had “never felt the need to explain” to me that she was married. Then Mrs. Bredfeldt testified to multiple judges that I had made unwanted sexual advances toward her that she had to “rebuff” and “rebuke.” Fully seven years later, in 2013, the court was told I had “propositioned” Mrs. Bredfeldt in 2005 and “asked for” or “offered her sex.” During the same procedure—a two-hour hearing with a six-month coda that violated both the state and federal constitutions—the court was informed Mrs. Bredfeldt “would not wear a wedding ring” while she was outside of my residence at night. One of her own witnesses during the procedure, Jennifer Terpstra, had admitted to me the previous year that she believed Mrs. Bredfeldt had been “considering an [extramarital] affair.”

I’ve sometimes imagined over the voided years that if asked, Tim would just shrug and remark around a toothpick or a hay straw: “Well, durn, that’s how we-uns do down in Arkansas.” The Southern Baptist Church told me otherwise but said it could only intervene when false accusers were children. Developmentally arrested adults didn’t count.

Tim Hargis, Timothy Hargis, First Security Bank, Arkansas

First Security Bank VP Tim Hargis

Tim’s daughter told me in 2005 that her parents had reared her in social isolation. She showed me a choker she had made for herself and said she wore it as a reminder of what it was like to be “kept on a leash.”

Tim knows the daughter he brought up and has been aware of the conduct of hers described here since at least 2007, which has since come to include accusations to “multiple police departments, detectives, federal agencies, and other officials in several states (including the FBI). Tim must also be aware of the motives for that conduct: whitewashing behaviors that her stern Southern Protestant upbringing forbade. In 2016, his daughter initiated two further prosecutions against me, the object of both of which was to have me jailed for publishing and criticizing her contradictory testimony to the court. Meanwhile, my own father succumbed to cancer by starving to death.

In 2006, when Tim’s daughter’s accusations began, I had planned to publish humor for kids for a living. Tim has known that, too. For over a decade, I’ve instead earned a subsistence wage doing manual jobs that allow me to keep an insomniac’s hours and be left alone. A person who contacted me in 2009 characterized Tim and his wife, longtime Parson Hills Elementary School teacher GaLyn Hargis, as “users,” which tracks.

Tim enjoys the reputation of being a conservative Christian gentleman rancher but has been compared to a jellyfish, which tracks, too, because you can’t have testicles and comfortably straddle a fence.

Tim has held his clenched perch for 12 years.

His career followed in the footsteps of his father, who, like him, was a bank vice president. They had worked for the same Springdale, Arkansas bank before it became First Security or FSB, where Tim is in charge of lending. He profited while many Americans lost their shirts if not their homes…because of careless lending. Tim’s “mortgage originator ID” can be found online to this day.

First Security Bank, FSB, Emma, Arkansas, Reynie Rutledge, First Security Bancorp

In at least a couple of issues of Arkansas Banker, Timothy Hargis is recognized as a Vietnam service veteran.

I’m pretty sure, though, that he served his tours on a boat.

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*My own relatives on my father’s side are Georgia crackers, some of whom were also Vietnam vets, who grew up dirt-poor in a household with 14 children. None is a distinguished member of the community, nor are their children or grandchildren. Few among any of the generations are college graduates. Yet none would (have) idly watch(ed) while a member of his or her own family engaged in conduct as deranged and filthy as that summarized above.