A Portrait of South Texas College’s Jen Terpstra, a High-Conflict Liar, Vexatious Complainant, Abuser of Court Process, and Headcase

Posted on April 8, 2018


UPDATE: Allegations by psychiatric patient Tiffany Bredfeldt, the friend supported by Jennifer Terpstra, the subject of this post, were invalidated in July of 2018, and Jen’s crony is expressly prohibited by order of the court from making false or frivolous accusations to law enforcement officials in the future.

“Perhaps I really am a witch after all (as I have been called a time or two by my funny husband).”

—Jennifer Terpstra, who prosecuted her “funny husband” three years later

I’m loath to display a photograph of the woman quoted above. If I did, though, I’m sure you’d agree with her.

This woman, a “high-conflict” false accuser who initiated two prosecutions against me in 2016 (dismissed), threatened a third (aborted), and was poised to witness in a fourth (ongoing, two years later) told me this in 2007: “I just don’t like drama…period.” She’s a career scientist but wouldn’t recognize the contradiction.

She told me about her distaste for drama to explain why she hadn’t helped me when a girlfriend of hers, Tiffany Bredfeldt, falsely accused me in 2006.

Judging which of the women is creepier or more parasitic would be a hard call.

I knew the woman I’ve quoted, who was Jenn Oas when I met her and who is Jen Terpstra or Jennifer Oas-Terpstra today, and she knew me. We had talked for hours in and around my residence after I twice encountered her there with her friend Tiffany in the fall of 2005. Years later (almost seven of them), Terpstra would confess to me that she and their other friends knew this Tiffany was prone to histrionics and attention-seeking and believed she was universally desired. I had learned of “narcissistic personality disorder” and told Terpstra about it in 2012. “Wow,” she said, “I can’t believe how well the shoe fits.”

In 2007, Terpstra told me this about my being accused by her girlfriend and appealing to her for her help:

I had a lot (to say the least) of personal angst over all of that. Mainly because I did not wish to be involved with such matters, and kept finding myself there…embroiled in those matters I so wished to remain apart from.

She hates conflict, you see.

Terpstra also told me in 2007, knowing I was an aspirant kids’ humorist:

I hold no ill will towards you, and certainly no toxic impressions. I rather feel a little sad about the course of events…to be truthful…and hope you are fairing [sic] well. And writing your books!!!

Her friend Tiffany had accused me of stalking, sexual harassment, and posing a violent “danger” to various people—including her—which isn’t real conducive to composing children’s rhymes.

Half a decade later, in 2012, Terpstra would admit to me she knew that, too:

I can’t even begin to imagine what the past years have been like for you.

Then three years after that (beginning in the fall of 2015), Terpstra would accuse me of stalking, sexual harassment, and posing a violent “danger” to her to cover up what she’d told me in 2012, which implicated statements of Bredfeldt’s to the police and the court as false. For example:

I never thought she would lie so seriously to everyone.

There’s a pattern with creatures like these, and it’s not hard to discern.

Some traits of “high-conflict” people are they don’t consider themselves high-conflict, they lie ad libitum, and they have the empathy of broken glass.

In November of 2015, Terpstra told police that right after she’d met me in 2005, I started “stalking” her. I’ve met her three times in my life. Twice I found her outside of my house in the dark. That was in 2005. She told me about her underwear (or lack thereof) and about her and Bredfeldt’s use of drugs she called “benzos.” The third time—the only time I’ve met her in the last decade—was when I responded to an emailed invitation from her to meet in 2012 (sent on April Fools’ Day), after which she dropped her cigarette and insisted I hug her. During our conversation, she’d complained about having been cited for impaired driving. Three years after that, I would be represented to the police as her stalker of 10 years.

Terpstra had emailed me in 2012 to say she had gotten a “heads up” about this blog and wanted to assist me to settle the upsetting “matters” that inspired it. She corresponded with me for about three-and-half months, besides calling. (The hyperlinked voicemail includes Terpstra’s telling me that another man she had been corresponding with had “threatened to call the police on [her].” She later told me by phone that the man blamed her for a woman’s suicide.)

In contrast to the emails she sent me, she told the police in 2016 that she abandoned her intervention because I got “sexual.” She also denied she contacted me after we met in April, notwithstanding that the emails she sent, which have been posted on this site and which she has endeavored to have quashed, continued until mid-July. I gave the emails to the police and the court, but they weren’t read or otherwise examined.

I was desperate to procure a surgery for my dog in 2012 and fell out of communication with Terpstra when none of her promised aid materialized (including to help me raise money for my dog’s operation). Terpstra has stick-to-itiveness but not to spare for anything benevolent.

The statement of Terpstra’s in the epigraph (“Perhaps I really am a witch after all”) was made in 2011, the same year she was cited for DUI. She emailed me a year later with her offer to help me clear my name of her friend’s false accusations. That was six years after I asked her for her help. She’d been busy, I guess.

She told me in 2012:

I don’t lie or bend the truth, although I do avoid conflict.

A year after that, in 2013, Terpstra testified against me for the girlfriend who accused me in 2006, Bredfeldt, and Terpstra disowned on the stand everything she’d told me the previous year (after telling me in 2012: “Even thinking about entering a courtroom sends me into an absolute panic”). Terpstra deceived the court right after swearing an oath to tell “the whole truth, and nothing but….”

The next year, 2014, Terpstra apparently accused her husband of some kind of domestic violation. Unsurprisingly, if the accusation was a lie, which I’d guess it probably was, he grabbed what the police called a “killing knife” and made it very emphatic how angered he was. He handed his wife the knife, so the display was just that.

He was prosecuted for “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon,” anyway (and “domestic violence”), and Terpstra told the police in November 2015, while making accusations against me, that the man was no longer her “funny husband.” A relative of his informed me in 2016 that Terptra attempted to recant her allegations, but it was too late. Her husband was given probation, and the couple divorced.

Terpstra, who is reportedly diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is a professional scientist, specializing in, among other subjects, aberrant brains. She has coauthored with Michael J. Frank, Ph.D., professor of cognitive, linguistic, and psychological sciences at Brown University, and is the daughter of feminist painter Joan Bemel Iron Moccasin (Oas). One of the few noted rewards of bipolar disorder is increased artistic skill. Terpstra is a photographer and poet, and her flair for the arts might not be the only think she inherited from her mother (who, typical in cases like this, has apparently done nothing to arrest her daughter’s conduct).

When Terpstra’s accusations against me began in 2015, she worked in the University of Arizona Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine (under psychiatrist Francisco Moreno), and lived in an apartment after being sued to have her evicted from her house. When her accusations began unraveling in 2016, she left the jurisdiction for Texas, where her confederate Bredfeldt lives. When last I paid attention, Terpstra was working for South Texas College or STC, a community college.

I shouldn’t know where Terpstra lived in 2015, because she filed a restraining order against me in December of that year (dismissed 20 months later by a judge who acknowledged he knew “people come in and…say things that are just blatantly false”). Her address was supposed to be protected.

That’s because she was in “danger” and very “afraid.” (The policeman who arrested me in 2016 based on allegations about one-to-many speech on this blog, a detective named Todd Schladweiler, was assigned to the “Tucson Police Mental Health Support Team.” I’d been represented as a violent nutcase.)

Impatient, because I hadn’t been promptly tried and incarcerated, Terpstra signaled her true motive for her accusations four months later by filing a number of complaints with the host of this blog (which complaints evidence far more diligence than she was able to apply to a blog she herself began in 2011…and maintained for a whole four days). Her purpose was to censor unwanted criticism, for example, of her lying. She masked her purpose by alleging “copyright infringement.” Whether or not she’s a “witch,” she now has the distinction, among members of the free speech community, of being a lesser “copyright troll.”

In the first of her complaints, Terpstra included her home address, despite her swearing in an affidavit to the court in December that she was in fear for her life…or whatever. To drive the impression of fear home, she had told the police in January that she was “carr[ying] a gun.” She knew her home address would be forwarded to me. This is her acknowledging that:

I acknowledge that a copy of this infringement notice and any correspondence related to it, including any contact information I provided above (address, telephone number, and email address), will be forwarded to the user who uploaded the content at issue.

She forgot she was supposed to be terrified. In her subsequent “infringement” complaints, however, some half a dozen, she recovers and has her home address redacted to keep up appearances.

Also in the first complaint, Terpstra alleged I “published” an “unpublished” work of hers:

I have yet to publish this poem, so it appears nowhere online….

The contest-winning poem, “Tuesdays with Aphrodite,” was published by the University of Arizona Poetry Center, probably in 2009, and residue of the link to it was still online after Terptra filed her complaints (I uploaded the U of A’s PDF and linked to it to highlight an irony; I didn’t reprint anything). She plainly asked the U of A to remove the poem from the Internet so her story synced up. The poem, in its entirety, was published by Terpstra herself in a blog she began in 2011. This is an actual quotation from the blog:

So another poem, this one has been published already….

Available interpretations of the contrasting statements (“yet to publish”/“published already”) are these: Her publication of the poem slipped her mind, her memory is impaired, or she lied in a sworn statement under penalty of perjury.

This is a snippet of material authored by Terpstra. She reported in April 2016 that she had never published this material. The post this screenshot excerpts had been online since March 9, 2011.

This blog of Terpstra’s, which she dismantled after making her false claims, is where the line quoted in the epigraph derives. The blog was called, Always a work in progress, by which Terpstra meant she is always a work in progress. Talespin would be more accurate today. Terpstra has abandoned poems, which are lies that tell the truth, in favor of lies that only tell the truth of what she is (and to the latter lies she’s shown much more commitment—they’re easier, and apparently more rewarding to her).

Her “infringement” complaints illustrate how the mind of a high-conflict person like her works: Lie to blame; lie to avoid blame. Striking to me, as a student of them for some 12 years, is how juvenile such minds are. It might have been sexy once to say my life had been corrupted and derailed by high-functioning sociopaths. I can’t call them that, though, because I do scruple about the truth.

These are prepubescents in pantsuits who manipulate social conventions to maintain a fragile façade of normalcy and moral rectitude.

Falsehoods in Terpstra’s police reports and testimony are the kind a little kid would tell. What she had evidently done is scour from the Internet every appearance of material she would later say she had “no idea” where I found. (She may have performed her flush right before filing her complaints.) Maybe the implication was supposed to be that I “hacked” her computer.

In one of her statements, she said a scuzzy photo she’d had online for around a decade she only had in paper form. I have a timestamped screenshot that says otherwise.

What puzzles me (but not really) is why people who successfully pull off elaborate hoaxes are so shy. You’d think they’d be proud and want to gloat.

As the post here details, a New Jersey woman named Jody Raines, also arguably a high-conflict…person, had a man I’ve talked with, Bruce Aristeo, prosecuted because he published some satirical videos about her on YouTube, and she succeeded in obtaining an outrageous order of the court that she’s used to have traces of her association with Bruce expunged from Google besides to have Bruce jailed.

The woman who accused me in 2006, Tiffany Bredfeldt, procured a similar (unconstitutional) order in 2013, which she invoked in 2016 in an attempt to have me jailed, and Terpstra has sought the same.

It’s as if there’s something they desperately want to hide.

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*The reader may derive the impression from this post that high-conflict people are drawn to one another and flock together. My experience tells me it’s an accurate one.