“Men Lie” v. “Women Lie,” as Represented by Google News in November

Posted on April 5, 2018


I took the screenshots below in November, when I was still inhibited from publishing anything on this site pending a judicial ruling. Stuck spinning my wheels, I must have performed the searches on a whim. Google returns different results for the same search terms today.

These screenshots are shared because they speak more effectively than words can.

About 3,880 results (0.86 seconds)”:

1 result (0.51 seconds)”:

Women, per Google News on Nov. 7, 2017, right about the time the #MeToo movement was in full swing, only lie about their age. Also noteworthy is that the phrase “women lie” appeared in two of the top four results for “men lie” on this particular date, but neither of those was returned for the search “women lie.”

It could have been a fluke or a limitation of my laptop, which was salvaged from the trash five years ago, but it’s almost as if returns for the phrase “women lie” were squelched.

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*It didn’t occur to me to try the phrase “Google lies”—because that’s just crazy. Google’s returns for the same search terms yesterday were “about 3,450” results for “men lie” and “about 3,500” for “women lie.” The reader is urged to consider whether the almost exact equivalence is any less suspicious.