A Source of False Reporting and Procedural Abuse Even Feminists Can’t Get Behind: Women Lying about Women

Posted on November 28, 2014


The Orlando Sentinel reported this month that a former Seminole County deputy sheriff faces criminal charges for falsely accusing her boyfriend’s ex-wife of being a child molester.

The backstory runs something like this:

  • Boy and girl deputy sheriffs, despite being married to other people, begin sleeping with each other in the early weeks of 2014, including while on duty.
  • An internal affairs investigation concludes they abandoned their posts at least three times to have sex.
  • The girl deputy consequently resigns; the boy deputy is fired soon after.
  • A month later, on May 15, an anonymous call is placed to the Florida Abuse Hotline reporting the boy deputy’s (now ex-)wife abused a six-year-old girl (who is unidentified in the Sentinel article).
  • Authorities trace the anonymous call to the girl deputy’s phone and arrest her.

A recent post on this blog commented on the award of $500,000 from the federal government to a female law professor who proposes to disprove the claim that women make false allegations in family court to alienate fathers from their children.

Stories like the one highlighted in this post, to the contrary, suggest that love (scorned love, failed love, feared failed love, etc.) motivates some women to lie indiscriminately and heinously.

Procedural biases that broadly obtain today exist because, we’re told, men are motivated by their sexual urges to do horrible things (cf. “rape culture”). How ironic would it be if those procedural biases were being exploited by women motivated by their sexual urges to do horrible things?

That would discredit the whole shebang.

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