Restraining Order Victims and Victims’ Advocates Speak Out

Posted on August 23, 2011


The brief, unedited accounts and pleas for justice and legislative representation that follow are drawn from an online petition titled, “Stop False Allegations of Domestic Violence.” They represent its most recent four months’ responses only. Worthy of note is that at least 25% of responses are from women (some themselves victims of restraining order abuse) and that all of these are critical of the status quo. Defenders of restraining orders aver that their abuse is rare and inconsequential. Readers may conclude the truth is otherwise.

Craig M. from Newnan, GA writes on July 31, 2011:

2003 she filed a TPO on false accusations, the Judge order No Contact days later she placed a chainsaw in her own driveway, called the Police and back to court we went. She wrote a letter to the Judge prior to court date, allthough I had proof of my where-abouts at the time of the incident, I was never given an oppurtunity to present it and off to jail I went in handcoffs.

Jennifer H. from Cockeysville, MD writes on July 30, 2011:

My husband has been dealing with false allegations of abuse, illegal drug use, etc. for 18 years. His ex-wife has borderline personality disorder and lives to have a new audience for her tired routine. Must husband is a great father and husband and has had virtually no recourse other than to hope people (teachers, coaches, doctors, etc.) believe him and see his ex-wife for the scum that she is. It is abhorrent that she can take us to court at will on unsubstantiated claims. He has never been found guilty (thank God), but the emotional, mental and physical toll this has taken on him is awful.

Ashley G. from Smyrna, TN writes on July 27, 2011:

I am currently going through unlike most if not the same but similar situation. I was arrested twice for domestic violence. My ex-boyfriend filed two false reports in two separate counties claiming that I harmed him. I am 28 years old. I never had a criminal history. He is 40 years old. He has a history of harassment and domestic assault. I broke up with him and in attempt to gain revenge he made up two false reports. WIth his history of harassment and domestic assault he was able to manipulate the system to his own liking. I was not given the opportunity to give a confirmatory statement and I think its unfair for the police to just lock someone up just because a person claim that you done something to them. I do have proof and still waiting to go to court on both of these charges. I pray that this stop because it’s not fair for innocent people to suffer due to someone’s vindictive ways. Luckily, I am able to prove my innocence against my accuser. I live in Tennessee and the court system is pretty screwed up. I am going to fight against this not just for myself but for every person that is going through this whether male or female. Wrong is wrong and Right is right!

L. M. from Los Angeles, CA writes on July 26, 2011:

I have been arrested twice for domestic violence in Los Angeles. I told my wife I didn’t want to be married anymore due to her verbal and physical abuse. I told her I wanted a divorce. I was arrested April 2010 when I was the one who called the officers, the 911 operator stayed on the phone with me you could hear the hits I was taking to the head and the jaw and the glass that was being thrown at me while I sat on the curb. She put make up under her eye and I was arrested. She came to visit me a the jail the very next morning, no make up and no black eye. She then told the police I assaulted her June 2010 when I was no where near her, I am now going to court for that in a different city only because I plead no contest to the April 2010 accusation in order for me not to loose my job, but they list me a convicted. She stalked me and harressed me at my new home and my place of employment. I was able to get a restraining order placed on her for 3 years. She even lied to the judge on the day the restraining order was issued and told the judge that I tried to punch her when she went to my job and chased me around and hit me, little did either of us know it was being video taped and that’s what I used in court, 2 seperate videos showing her assaulting me. These laws have to change and punish these woman who lie on us me and ruin our records and reputation because their scorned or unable to let go. I am stressed, depressed, and scared the system will once again believe her lies. I don’t know what to do other than to pray.

Anonymous from Ormond Beach, FL writes on July 26, 2011:

I was arrested because I told mty ex wife I was done with her abuse and driking and driving. I was arrested the next day and have never been able to get my property back. I went through months of her telling me if she did not get her way she would take everything from me and sleep with other men. She did it all and I still can not get my injunction removed even though she had no evidence.My life has been ruined by her and Judge Shawn L Briese.

Anonymous from Raynham, MA writes on July 22, 2011:

The laws in MA are not upheld, unless you are a woman. It’s absurd.

Anonymous from Saint James, MO writes on July 21, 2011:

There are way too many false acusers out there!

Women and children of abuse need to be able to report that abuse, but, there has to be a high price for making false acusations. The way it is right now in this country. If you got a grudge, “Theres a Hotline for that”. The government will harass anyone you are mad at for free!

Sharron P. from Keithville, LA writes on July 18, 2011:

this is going on right now and we all know the woman is lying. this is not justice! please put an end to this by also arresting her! this is control on the womans part which is also mental and emotional abuse. she calls police all the time! she should get in trouble and be fined. there should be a law and she should do time!

Anonymous from Phoenix, AZ writes on July 18, 2011:

I am going thru this exact nightmare right now…the mother of my boys got heavily addicted to percocet and oxycontin to the point of lieing to her associates , my family , students , that I was a wife beater. i tried to remove the boys from her direct supervision and told her that i would help her get rehabilitated and that once she could prove she stopped her drug abuse for a substantial lenght of time ( 90 days ) that we could go back to the 50/50 custody agreement . instead she hit herself ( or had someone else do it ) and called the police and told them I hit her. right now , my life is in judicial limbo and I am seriously worried that the court is going to believe her due to the laws that are currently in place.i pray to God that something can be done with the serious abuse of these laws to gain leverage in custody battles , not to mention destroying the lives of two innocent children…and mine

Nathaniel C. from Fulton, MO writes on July 17, 2011:

A neighbor harassed my wife and I for a year before using the court as his latest tool to stop me from making legal complaints about his decrepit property. We had to move. For gods sake we have authorities to handle criminal conduct, let them do it. Remember, it is “supposedly” better that 10 guilty persons evade conviction rather than 1 innocent person be convicted.

Randi H. from Trenton, NJ writes on July 17, 2011:

Not only do women do this to men but men also do it to women. It happened to me and my ex husband falsely accused me of hitting him when i didn’t touch him. The motive is to have the upperhand in custody of the child/children.

Michelle O. from Monmouth Junction, NJ writes on July 17, 2011:

I am a former victim of domestic violence and have always supported the laws we have to protect the victims of DV. However, I have seen unethical women abuse the laws and these laws were not made to victimize anyone.

Chris T. from Battle Creek, MI writes on July 14, 2011:

I met this girl in 04 eveything was perfect. she pushed that we had a kid and in april 06 we had a boy. that’s when the lies started. she started accusing me of violence toward her and my son even going as far as saying i tried to poison my son. six months later she left with our son and would not let me see him and she started calling him by another name. she has got everyone convinced i beat her the state of michigan wont let me pay child support because then i would have the right for visitation. so while trying to save for a good lawyer for custody, she now has accused me of home invasion and domestic violence. I turned myself in after getting letter from court (and never being questioned) seen a judge and was locked up with a $10,000 bond and I’m facing 20 years. I DID NOTHING. I’ve got a court appointed attorney he wasn’t doing much until I finally convinced him I would not take there plea deal and now I’m waiting for a trial (6 months now). meanwhile she is still harassing me and spreading more lies. HELP.

Gregory R. W. from Bushkill, PA writes on July 14, 2011:

I brought my sons up to respect women and not put their hands on them, Unfortunatley the table was turned when he pushed his girlfriend when she attacked him while in his sleep, beating him on the head with his cell phone, she called the police said he pushed her and was put out of his house with only the clothes on his back in the middle of december. Then the nightmare began with the court system. A FEMALE judge in Lackawanna County Pa. heard the accuser say he provokes my rage and yeah I did hit him, HER (THE JUDGE’S) response was I would of hit him too. BE ADVISED this is what is going on in our court system. Predjudice Judges who are PRO ABUSE if a woman is doing it.

Anonymous from Durham, NC writes on July 14, 2011:

oh my, if only i could explain how strongly i feel about this. my bf was just in jail for a month for this bull and if they had only asked questions they would have found out me and his brother was both with him in a different city when this whole situation supposedly went down……thats 30 days he can never take back

Mercedes W. from Bushkill, PA writes on July 13, 2011:

Male victims of DV are being victimized twice once by the aggressor, then by the courts

Anonymous from Wheeling, WV writes on July 13, 2011:

My son is dealing with this right now, yesterday in court she admitted lying under oath to get the order. Want to bet they do nothing to her?

Anonymous from Readsboro, VT writes on July 13, 2011:

to make a long story short its the goverments short commings in my case .me and my wife have been under alot of stress and got into a small spat in wich i was hit in the face several times with a wooden spoon i proceeded to take the spoon from her in wich she recieved a small mark on the other hand my face was a mess .she called the cops and gave a statement and told them she wanted me in p.c. for the night .i gave my statement and they didnt like it and told me so you dont want to give a statement .and i went to jail .when court came up the public defender gave me to choices go to jail and wait for a court date or pay them all kinds of money and attend spousal abuse classes and pay them all kinds of money .my wife and i love each other very much and it was a freak thing under the circumstances and she amitted she was at fault but i sighned the deferred statement for my wifes name and so i didnt have to go back to jail.vermont courts and law are so crooked its not funny

Linda G. from Mount Airy, NC writes on July 8, 2011:

As a victim of DV I am outraged that people will use the system to claim they have been abused just for the personal gain! I am watching alot of people hurt from false accusations being made against my childhood friend/fience! It has cost him his children, his reputation and work. All because his childrens mother claims he hurt his chilren and her. he proved those allegations weren’t true and that she had lied under oath, and was still convicted. The children are being hurt physically and emotionally and yet the courts still won’t listen. I feel that there should be something done about this, but it feels as though nobody will listen!

Anonymous from Plymouth, MA writes on July 6, 2011:

This can happen to a man or a woman. The abuse of this system is outrageous, not just by the abuser but by everyone who encourages these women to lie. It is unconstitutional that you can be charged without proof, absolutely no proof. The person who lies wins in these cases sooooooooooooooooooooo sad!

Anonymous from West Palm Beach, FL writes on July 4, 2011:

I know of a lady who filed a false report against another women due to jealousy and had her arrested now the accused has to fight for her freedom for something she never did and she doesn’t even know or ever meet the accuser but police didn’t believe her we need help to protect the innocent against people like that.

Mujtaba M. from Jackson Heights, NY writes on June 30, 2011:

innocent men are being labeled as criminals and they have no defense. this needs to change.

Anonymous from Gillett, WI writes on June 30, 2011:

There are 2 templates for DV , female and male. The legal system over looks the facts and apply the templates. A horriffic misjustice

Timothy C. from Mansfield, TX writes on June 28, 2011:

I was arrested, falsely for Domestic Violence, and a month later arrested for Violation of a MOEP. To date, the Violation of the MOEP has been dismissed, and the prosecutor for the origanal DV charge wants to dismiss the case, just taking a little longer due to political reasons. The problems are far reaching, as I am in the middle of a custody battle over our 7 year old son. Because of theses accusation I can only see my son supervised. I wish to have her prosecuted for filing a false police report, but I don’t expect to find any relief, even though the proof the she filed a false police report is part of the court record.

Tracy G. from San Antonio, TX writes on June 25, 2011:

i have a brother that is a thief and a heroin addict. he is one of those people that steal copper . long story short . he left his stolen copper in the front yard . i had my 10 yr old son help me pick up the mess we put it in his room. my brother got mad . he went some where and hurt himself then said i did it my son was with me the whole time i never even touched him . the law prevents police officers to make the decision if its true or not. even if it is obvious that the person is high and out of their mind. THIS LAW NOT ONLY HURTS INNOCENT PEOPLE. IT QUESTIONS THE INTEGRITY OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AND OUR GOVERNMENT. my son in which i have been teaching to call the police if he is ever in trouble . has just witnessed the police arrest his father while being innocent . what kind of impression does that make on a child? all i did was pick up garbage in the front yard and i have assault charges on me.

Al F. from San Pedro, CA writes on June 25, 2011:

Even after she said there was no abuse to child protective services, I was to “volenteer” to move away. From home, jeperdise my employment as apartment mgr. , and enroll in a domestic violence perpatrator class. . . . She was documented to say I was suicidal and she feared for her life. . . The truth is that I am the victim of her lies and of public ethics .

Anonymous from Kansas City, MO writes on June 24, 2011:

i have been battling constent false alligations from the father of 2 of my kids for over 4 years of the abuse of hotlines and abuse of the court system they need to be held accountable for these devistating crimes

Anonymous from Toledo, OH writes on June 24, 2011:

A relative of mine was falsely accused of domestic violance. He has filed for divorice and that just got “resolved” (over one year) but not child visitation that is limited due to the D.V. charge. His wife’s cousin ( a grown Man) hit my relatives son (pre-teen) and knocked him on the floor. He has testified to the fact that my relative did not hit anyone.when my relative (the father) came into the room and asked if he hit him , his wife went after him and tried to push him back into another room while screaming at him. She called the police and , of course they took him away. He has told the police, and lawyer & prosecutor that the man hit his son and no one would listen to him and no charges filed. Also this cousin left before the police came and the wife told police no one else was there. This is not the first time she has filed false charges. She previously filed charges that my relative was not supporting her and their son and my relative was actually living with them and supporting the family he was only one even working. She has several family members living with them and he was paying all the bills. After the divorice the courts gave her a very large alimony plus child support. It is far more than he has left to live on. He has $750 a month for rent and all living expenses. They are all from another country. She told the court that she can not work because she can’t drive and that was acceptable to the court. There is so much more, all unbelievable. The lawyers want him to take a plea bargin when he has not commited any crime. I think this is a crime by it’s own right.

Tamara S. from Baltimore, MD writes on June 23, 2011:

Not fair at all. I am a woman that was falsely accused by my fiances ex wife. She also threatens to say I molested their son. There is nothing I can do about a protective order that she used false allegations against me to obtain. There are no rights for people that go thru this. The DA wont prosecute a person that commits perjury. This is sad..very sad!

Liz B. from Littleton, CO writes on June 22, 2011:

I am signing for all the men who have been falsely accused, arrested and destroyed by the current judicial system in place. They have taken away their rights and we are now living in a police state.

Anonymous from Ocoee, FL writes on June 17, 2011:

I am a firefighter. I was with a woman for 3 months. She was very insecure. This caused a lot of problems between us. I left her and she threatened to kill herself. I went to her job to possibly have her baker acted. I wanted to talk to her to find out if she really planned to harm herself. She asked me to follow her to a coffee shop so we could talk. On the way she flagged down a police officer and told him she was afraid for her safety because I was stalking her. I was arrested, lost my job and spent the night in jail. The DA didn’t press charges, however, now she has filed an injuction for protection and accused me of holding her hostage and domestic violence. I would never do anything to hurt a woman. I’m 40 years old and have never been in any trouble. The government has a tuff task. We have to protect our abused women and can’t discourage them from coming forward. But this is a horrible position for a man that is falsley accused.

Anonymous from Austin, TX writes on June 17, 2011:

I am still struggling to believe what is happening to me right now after my 15 year old son failed another drug test and then subsequently falsely accused me of actually punching him with a closed fist in the eye. I am or was the custodial parent of 10 years with exclusive rights and an ex who would only visit him for a few hours most Thursday and every other weekend – for 10 years I have done it all, and that includes holding him accountable for his actions.

Now, he has moved to his mom’s (which is not a real issue, he needs a relationship with her) but changed schools and I am in the process of being prosecuted by the state for something I did not do so my dear son could evade the real issues of his drug problems.

When I was arrested over one and a half weeks later and thrown in jail, I kept thinking that sooner or later some rational adult would talk to me and see what was going on – but no, now I am in debt to a lawyer fighting to maintain my rights and have lost custody to the ex who wants me punished and is counceling the boy that he cannot tell the truth now because they will punish him for lieing. Wow.

This law has probably saved lives and makes sense in regards to the intent, but for those of us with NO history of domestic violence that did not even come close to their charges – it is a crime that could alter my life for being a parent and trying to hold a child in trouble with drugs accountable.

Anonymous from New Milford, CT writes on June 16, 2011:

I am sighning for my brother David who lives in Kissimmee, Fl. He has gone through so much with his ex who has also made false accusations against him and now that my mother lives there she has even tried to put a restraining order against her which was denied. Friends and Family knows her all too well because of the deceit and lies she has put us through and sadly because she is hurting my adorable little nephews. I pray often for my family and that God’s right hand of justice will see us through this.

Anonymous from Washingtonville, NY writes on June 14, 2011:

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Pathological liars win again!

Stacy S. from Normal, IL writes on June 9, 2011:

My family is going thru this right now. My husbands ex-wife, Rebecca Smith, has fasely accused him of child abuse. My husband and I both made a statement, along with our daughter. Nobody will listen to us. She makes this false claim and now jobs are in jeopardy. Not to mention that his ex wife is a police officer. Who does that? She knows the system and she knows how it can work in her advantage. She told his son to write something in his journal at school. Then DCFS was called in and an investigation was opened up. Not Once has DCFS called the father to get his side of the story….NOT ONCE! This is a police officer who does not followed a court ordered document of allowing her son to skype his dad twice a week and to have daily contact with his dad. She has prohibited this but yet nothing happens to her. But let me tell you she definitely keeps getting paid each month. It’s a classic case of parent alienation but the courts don’t want to hear that. We have documented evidence of this and the fact that she has violated a court ordered document. But does the legal system care? No.

Now the false claims of child abuse. My husband will be lucky if he ever gets to see his son again. Since the allegations she has not let my husband speak to his son.

Someone please help us!

Darlene S. from Bellevue, MI writes on June 9, 2011:

I myself have seen weman slapping ,kicking,and hitting men and men just set there and let them then the woman calls the police

Lauren R. from Pagosa Springs, CO writes on June 8, 2011:

I have to watch helplessly as my boyfriend suffers from his ex-girlfriend’s false accusation of his abusive nature. I have been with him for 3 years and not once has he showed that he ever deserved this. He is paying for her spiteful drunken comment to a buddy cop of hers from high school, which ended up in the STATE making a case against him. She did not even try to press charges, just tried to get sympathy and a restraining order to save some face. He was not even in the state at the time, he was with some friends in Utah. He got arrested when he got home and and was scared in to signing a plea bargain. Did I mention that her dad has been the mayor of this tiny town for 30 years? The whole idea of having the state involved in a case when false allegations were involved is insane! It is so frustrating for him to have to pay (quite literally) for a crime he did NOT commit. Women can be abusive as well. Have our civil rights been taken away from the men in Colorado and other “no tolerance” states? His ex-girlfriend has moved on with her life, gotten married and has a son and a life. She has apologized to him (many times in front of me) but, the damage is done. My boyfriend and I can’t even move to another state together because of his probation. His life and his name has been destroyed because of this. His rights have been taken away. He has to work all the time to keep up with all the different charges demanded by the state while still trying to take care of all his personal bills. Just to read the stories of the people effected by this is heart breaking. I just wish there was something that could be done.

Anonymous from Camarillo, CA writes on June 6, 2011:

This cost me $1,000 when my son’s girlfriend assused him of hitting her. My son 18 and GF 20, She placed a restraing order on him, than a week later the police finally finish their paperwork and came to our house and told him he needed to finish his paperwork. We both walked outside to talk to them, the next thing I see is them handcuffing my son. I should of pressed charges against this girl when she was sleep with him at 17. He has a clear record. She however does not. How does this work? She was the one forcing him to stay home from school and have sex, taking care of him. Once he turned 18, she told him he didn’t need to go to school, go to adult edd like she was doing. There should be a law agaist this!!

Anonymous from Hamilton, OH writes on June 5, 2011:

This has happened to my brother from the same person over and over she went as far as to leave messages on my answering machine telling of her plan in her own words my 18 year old son was present at the time that the allegations supposedly took place he stated this was untrue that none of the statements alleged by the so called victim took place when the police arrived I tried to get them to listen to recording that the victim left herself minutes before police arrival and my son also tried to tell them in his uncles defense that these allegations never took place and that the the so called victim and her Mother cooked up the whole thing in front of him to punish his uncle for not bowing down to unreasonable demands of his spouse concerning his handicapped child’s Graduation Ceremony she did not want him to attend it because the child is not hers rage and jealously took over and she had him jailed on false charges resulting in him missing the Graduation and worse yet the termination of employment that he has been at same job for over 15 years because he was charged falsely with domestic violence he was terminated!The police would not listen to anything they took him with no proof and destroyed his life in all aspects

Ricky C. from Independence, OR writes on June 4, 2011:

U.S. citizens stripped of their civil rights without due process.

Antoinette B. from Pensacola, FL writes on June 3, 2011:

I honestly agree with that, I myself have been in a horrid domestic violence scenario, and I don’t appreciate how other women that do this lie, for their own pleasure.

Dan C. from Salem, OR writes on June 2, 2011:

I know might not be able to get a job, due to backround check. 80% to 90% of the jobs i want to get need a back round check

Maurice E. from Morgantown, WV writes on June 2, 2011:

I have been arrested for DV when I wasn’t having the problem with my girlfriend I was in an argument with her young niece due to some smart mouth stuff she was saying and I asked her to leave my house several times and she would not so finally she goes and stands right outside my door running her mouth and I close my door and she starts pounding on my door which lead to me heading towards my door. At this time my girlfriend and my friend tried to hold me back from auguring with her niece to get her off of my property. During this time I was so mad both my girlfriend and friend got flung around trying to hold me back. I am a 280 pound man and weight lifter however I did not have the problem with my girlfriend it was her niece. During this time of making everyone leave I hear we are calling dudes over to fight and they got guns and I don’t own a gun all I had was a cigarette lighter gun and faked that I had one. She never calls the police this night to press any charges. The next day I go to my friends house to watch the super bowl and I come back home and notice that my door is broke and go into my room and see that my cell phone are missing. So she goes through my phones calls me and says who is this girl and how long have you been seeing her. I said bring my phones to me and if you don’t I will report them stolen so I do and nothing happens. So She tells me who is this girl remember you punched me and you better say you’re sorry or I’m going to the police. I say go to the police I never hit you and this is about you finding out about this girl and me telling you I’m going to leave you for her. So I leave out of town to visit a friend only to come back to my house to get arrest by the police and tell me I’m being arrested for domestic violence and a firearm. She tells me I’m sorry how do I drop it and I didn’t think it would be a big deal and I was mad about that girl why do you think I filed it 4 days after the fact. After this my stupidly by letting her come back to my house and everything is fine and she called to drop the charges and the officer tells her that she can’t. Then she goes around telling everyone I hit her behind my back and playing cool with me. So one night we go out and while we are leaving her brother makes a remark and another brother follows me outside trying to start trouble. We get back to my house and I said you know what it’s time for you to go because your nothing but trouble. She jumps up goes out side of my door and starts yelling I’m telling the police you have a gun in your house and you hit me. So she leaves and I get a phone call from my mom say that someone called her and told her that my girlfriend is at the police station with her mom trying to get me arrest that I threaten to kill her and her family and I put a gun to her and so she puts out a restating order. Since this she has called my phone private and sometimes not and sent text messages and there are roughly 60 calls and I have recordings. I just let

Robert K. from Pensacola, FL writes on June 1, 2011:

Spent 5 months in Escambia county Jail accused of DV case was non processede. I am out with no job, home,car and an arrest record

Frederick P. from Houston, TX writes on June 1, 2011:

The CPS has ruled out 6 false allegations against me, yet nothing is done to stop or punish the accuser for making false allegations.

Marvin J. from Jamaica, NY writes on May 31, 2011:

Sisters lies about me threating her all the time she should be jailed for falsely accusing me

Anonymous from Blythewood, SC writes on May 31, 2011:

I am currently in the process of being accused of a criminal violent offense for something that my wife and myself do not believe has occurred. These laws put good families with great history at risk for divorce or mental and financial distress. I understand that they exist to protect those who are truly abused. I find any type of spousal abuse to be offensive, but the law in our state continues to prosecute even the best of people in order to get financial assistance. I have spent my life to build my good name and in a matter of seconds in the heat of the moment, one phone call and my entire career and reputation has been put into question. I have interacted professionally with thousands of people as a real estate agent and developer and I would encourage you to contact any of them as to the content of my character. I am for the lack of better words, disgusted with the state of affairs of our state pertaining to this issue. I would like to meet personally with my wife and my representative to discuss this matter further. I can be reached by cell phone at 803-730-4663.

Anonymous from Columbia, SC writes on May 31, 2011:

The domestic violence industry has become a money making machine in this country. It’s all about charging someone with the crime so that a state’s statistics will look good in order for them to receive grant money to aid in so called Family Advocacy agencies and for those charged with domestic violence to pay fines to fund the salaries of all the prosecutors, etc. needed to try these cases. They don’t care about the rights of anyone involved or how they are ripping families apart that are in these situations against their will. They don’t care if it was just an argument in which both parties are at fault…..they remove all of your rights and they invade and take over your life and neither party has any say about the proceedings. These laws are not tailored to fit every situation……It’s not one size fits all. Something must be done! There should be policies requiring law enforcement to make an arrest only when there is real, factual and physical EVIDENCE of domestic violence.

Charles S. from Orford, NH writes on May 31, 2011:

Rally in Concord, NH 1 June 2011, be there to support the wrongfulness in False Allegations and the financial cost to NH Tax Payers. I can tell you my stories, but they are onthe same guidelines as everyone elses. Worse thing about them is when they involve children–HOW MUCH THEY ARE AFFECTED!!!

Elaine T. from Oakboro, NC writes on May 29, 2011:

I am a mother of two wondrerful children. I support shared parenting and the efforts toward the modernization of our state and federal judicial system toward presumed shared parenting so that in the future not one more child is stripped of a meaningful relationship with a loving, fit parent against his or her will. As for false allegations of domestic abuse: Innocent until proven guilty. As someone has already stated, let the criminal court handle evidence of abuse.

Sheila P. from Charlotte, NC writes on May 29, 2011:

About 5/6 out of 1/6 of dads are fine, loving fathers–absolutely no domestic violence. Unfortunately, so much attention is paid to the 1/6 that families are being abused by our courts. They prevent the child from having a meaningful relationship with BOTH parents when one is given sole custody & the other becomes a visitor. This is NOT in the child’s best interest. It’s long past time to modernize custody law to ‘PRESUMED SHARED PARENTING.” Evidence of abuse can be handled in criminal court.

Gene B. from Bellevue, NE writes on May 29, 2011:

This is just one case of many where the constitutional rights of our citezens has been abrogated by a lax and self service congress. Please do your job and protect and serve the people you represent!

Michael T. from Tyler, TX writes on May 29, 2011:

When we create special laws that violate the constitutional rights of a class of persons by denying due process protection, we weaken our democracy.

Anonymous from Sedro Woolley, WA writes on May 26, 2011:

As a victim of false accusation of domestic violence. I would like any help in finalizing this case and ridding myself of any further contact with my ex. My friends have witnessed first hand of her manipulative, two facedness. She had no right to call the police just because she got mad for no reason. Thanks for all your support.

Anonymous from Mobile, AL writes on May 24, 2011:

I am a 62 years old totally disabled with lots of major illnesses such as heart, lung disease, 2 ruptured discs with L-leg numbness and tingling all the time, sleep apnea, Tardive Dyskinesia, chronic chest pain, bi-carpal tunnel syndrome, L-cubital tunnel syndrome, depression, anxiety attacks, asthma, and many more, for 15 years in line of duty man. Because my wife never worked for a minute or earned a penny since I married her in a visit to Iran. She started with some huge demands like MOVING to New York and Travel to Iran with kids. I am on SSI,SSA only making $650 a month (she has been in charge of my EBT card since I received it and took $215 kid money for her own ambitions and buying inter national phone cards calling Iran & Montreal many hours a week) were not met she threatened me would make living like a hell. Then played a fake scenario of domestic violence by inflecting a few small bruises on her arm and her foot and took pictures of them in past several years. She first went to a shelter with my 2 kids for no reason told officers I blocked her friend phone (they were interfering in our lives, telling her get divorced, take the kids to Iran). Then asked section 8 to give my voucher to her and HUD terminated me based on false allegations those fake pictures. Then after 1 month she pressed charge for the same fase allegations. She attacked me several years ago was arrested, jailed for domestic violence pleaded guilty and received 1 year probation, few years later she attacked me with a toolbox and permanently damaged my L-shoulder after surgery never been able to lay on it and still suffering from pain & discomfort. 3 years age threw a 20lb weight to my L-pinky and fractured it in 4 pieces I did not press charges because of my 2 kids plus she already had criminal record could stay in jail for long time. In past few years turned my CPAP machine off many times at middle of night I ordered a new CPAPmachine and happened again and again, but there were nothing wrong with machines. I have been gradated from US Naval Academy as F14 Pilot earned 2 masters in technology and I was admitted and studied in PhD program, but due to failing health I never got my doctoral degree. Please help me!!!I am near dead and need help and to save other victims like myself from faker wives. God Bless America and God Bless You

Sam G. from Boise, ID writes on May 23, 2011:

I,m a victim of false dv charges and I took the case to trial. my ex-wife was allowed by the city prosecutor to falsify more of her story and the prosecutor refused to charge her for any of the multiple felony and misdemeanor crimes she did to me.

Anonymous from North Little Rock, AR writes on May 21, 2011:

This needs to be spoken about publicly. Women are abusing their feminity in order to cover up sin in their own lives. It is evil, cruel and harsh to cry in front of a judge to make them believe another person is violent. We need to protect the person who is being blamed unrighteously!!

Anonymous from Springfield, TN writes on May 20, 2011:

This is costing our family big money. We either fight the wife’s false allegations or watch our brother go to jail for something he did not do. We proved it once in Georgia (judge did nothing to her after it was proven he didn’t do it and not one apology from the officers who roughed him up either in front of the elementary school no less) but she did it again in Florida. They throw him in jail at her whims (professional victim) and we pay big money to get him free. Kinda of hard to hold a job and pay her support at the same time. Something has to give. My nephew is going to need serious therapy by the time he reaches 18. Child Services is a joke. And do you know what is sickening, she has forged over $50,000 in forged Schedule II prescriptions in Georgia and it is like pulling teeth to get them to do anything to her. I’ve personally reported her to 4 different agencies and nothing. I am utterly sickened with the whole judicial system.

Kelly V. from Saint Albans, VT writes on May 18, 2011:

I was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of a felony aggravated domestic assault based on hearsay. I was the actual victim for years and never pressed charges because it was the father of my children and I thought that I could help him w/his psychological issues. I was denied the request for a polygraph from my inadequate public defender. I was trying to escape in my car and the next thing I new, I was accused of trying to run him over while backing up. He continues to try to meddle in my life on a regular basis with constant false accusations and being stuck on parole for another 4 years makes it hard. I have since married (1st time) and have had 2 more children (newborn & 17 month old). All he has to do is get me wrongfully charged with anything and I will get sent to jail while my 2 small boys lose their mother and noone seems to care. He has assaulted cops, committed a couple of burglaries and grand larceny and suffers barely any consequences while he continues this sick obsession with me.

Anthony B. from Elizabethtown, PA writes on May 14, 2011:

I was beat by my x-wife to the point that i needed to get stitch’s in the ER. after our divorce sent went to the local YWCA and told them i beat her when i never touched her. She has no proof of abuse yet i have scar’s. Now she receive’s free legal help from them in our ongoing custody battle. I have spent well over 10 thousand dollars to keep my daughter safe. Men have no rights and it’s wrong !!!

Sharon F. from Ocala, FL writes on May 14, 2011:

My son has been falsely accused by his wife, after she found someone else. Is there nothing we can do to stop this?

Akiel B. from Cincinnati, OH writes on May 12, 2011:

I am currently being falsely accused of domestic violence against the mother of my child. The system is so screwed up, just because she said I did it, a warrant was put out for my arrest. I was treated liek a criminal with no evidence against me, no witnesses, or any sort of proff besides her word. I am awaiting my trial in about a week and hopefully the judge see’s and understand the whole story for what it really is. To make the situation 10x worse I am a 4th yr senior graduating in a semester, and i am a highly established football and track athlete. This not only destroys my reputation but also my future career in my psychology field and possible professional athlete field.

Emily B. from Tyrone, GA writes on May 12, 2011:

My son took an oath to protect the constituation of the United States of America and now is fighing false alligations of abuse, he has not been allowed to see his invant son since January just because she said so. Absolutely no proof just she said so and she said a lot of lies. Even with wittnesses that testified and no proof was found a no contact order for his son was placed. Where is the proof! Where are the rights he took an oath to protect, protecting him!

Edward S. from Peachtree City, GA writes on May 11, 2011:

We know of such a case where the man is innocent, he is the victim not the wife.

Annette B. from Newnan, GA writes on May 11, 2011:

Those who abuse domestic violence laws should certainly be held accountable for thier actions. I hope this petition is not negated and will be looked at very seriously.

Stephanie W. from Brooklyn, NY writes on May 10, 2011:

I was falsely accused and charged with dv via cell phone and text messages, 15months later I am yanked from my bed at 5am by 2 detectives who arrest me, I’m put into the system at Queens Central Booking only to be let go 15hours later because the DA decided not to press charges. I was humiliated, hand cuffed, finger printed, irises scanned, treated like a criminal because a man said he felt threatened by me. There is no proof of that, nor was I ever asked my side of the story. The dv laws need to be revamped, they are being abused for vengeful purposes.

Dan B. from Salt Lake City, UT writes on May 10, 2011:

The court system has become truly inundated with these types of false accusations thus depriving the ones who truly need the help from getting the assistance they need. Everything from resources, manpower and even public sentiment is strained to the breaking point. Worse is the effect it has on the children to see one parent falsely accused and put thru a system that has no checks and balances to judge ones guilt or innocence until months or years later. This current system presumes the person accused is guilty with little or no verifiable evidence other than one person’s statement.

Worse still is a system that then refuses to punish the person who makes false accusations even when it is blatantly clear that one person used the system for their personal motivations. When one uses the law for their personal gain it undermines the very foundation that the law was built on. The next generation of children who have now experienced this travesty 1st hand realize that there is no real justice, only that one can use the system to their advantage to get what they want.

If you want to truly change the system to make it work I would offer the following points concerning the issuance of No Contact/Protective orders:

1. Any protective order /No contact Order entered on behalf of one party be for both parties not just the one for whom it was entered. (This would prevent the party who asked for the protective order from abusing the system that was set up to protect the parties).

2. That if it is determined that one party makes false allegations against a former spouse that in a case that the party making the false allegations lose the custody of the children or be incarcerated according to the current laws for giving a false statement.

3. Require that BOTH parties attend a state sponsored course on what each party can and can’t do in accordance with any court issued No Contact/Protective Order. (This way both parties understand what contact is or is not allowed) and require both parties to pay for the course.

4. Stop the arbitrary checking of conditions of a No Contact/Protective order by the court on the forms by the court clerks. Require the court to provide a rational for the inclusion of each condition when they issue such an order rather than simply checking every box.

5. Re-evaluate what Domestic Violence is and what it is not in terms of the law. (Does a person sending an email asking how their kids are really rise to the level of domestic violence or constitute a violation of a no contact order?)

Nothing will change until the tools that are used to gain advantage in custody cases are reevaluated and modified so as not to give unfair or skewed perception to one party vs. the next. The laws that were originally set up to protect the victims have been hijacked by those with the means and understanding of how to use and abuse them for their personal motivations.

Believing that one party is the better person/parent becau

Kelly H. from Jacksonville, NC writes on May 7, 2011:

My son has been falsely accused by his wife. There is absolutely no proof what so ever. He has never been in any kind of trouble. The judge did not take this in consideration at all. Since his arrest she has posted on several sites about her new “relationship” and how happy she is. This new relationship began the night he was arrested. She had accused her first exhusband of the same thing. How can a woman make an accusation and the man be arrested without an investigation? The man is automatically looked upon as guilty. What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty? Why isn’t there reprecussions for the woman who falsely accuses? I am the mother of 2 sons and it concerns me deeply that a female can simply do this. The man is put in jail, treated by the court as guilty before the trial, judged by those around them. Women who falsely accuse need to be held accountable! They should be required to pay court/lawyer fees. I am disgusted with our judicial systems handling of domestic violence accusations.

Kevin B. from Fairfield Bay, AR writes on May 7, 2011:

I agree with this article. As a police officer, I was arrested as a result of a dispute with my wife. She was completly upset with me and I did not know why at the time, while trying to find out why, she was going out the door ignoring my request. I closed the door with my foot from behind her, catching her hand in it. Her daughter flips out, runs next door, calls 911. My wife goes after her, and I stayed in the driveway, waiting on the county deputy to show. Meanwhile, the city dept. Chief that I worked for and the county Sheriff, did not like each othet at all. It was election year and what better political ad can you get than the headlines reading ” SHERIFF DEPUTIES ARREST CITY OFFICER FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE”. I knew I could have been gone before he arrived, but I had nothing to hide. Well, I rode in the front seat of the chief deputys’ suv and held his shotgun in my lap all the way to jail. My name smeared,My ten year career ruined, and all the fun of court just that fast,simple and stupid . My wife even told them that it was an accident that night and the next morning. The chief deputy told her he would charge her for filing a false report . She reminded him that SHE did not file ANY report at any time. And do you know after court, the prosecutor as well as the judges office told me.. “Had you been anyone else besides #1 an officer, #2 an officer for THAT city , and it was not election time, I gaurentee you would not have been charged with anything.” Well thats been exactly one year ago and I am in a career now making very near three times my police salary, my record is to be sealed in about a week, but the point is the life I worked for, took serious was TAKEN from me without a chance to hardly even say my name. Thanks to the dom. vio. act if 1991. I EARNED the DUTY of wearing that badge so the bastards I protected at night while they slept could RAPE ME the very next day. I am still a certified police officer for two more years and even though I constantly have a burn inside me to try to return to it (if someone will take me now. by the way, charge was reduced in court to just battery third, not domestic) ,I dont know if I could ever be as proud of my badge as I once was. Honor,Respect,and the will to “do whats right” has left a lot of officers and judges. Its more the case now of, ” we have got to find a way to makes some kind of arrest, we want money”. Thanks for reading my soapbox.

Denise D. from Staten Island, NY writes on May 3, 2011:


Anonymous from Downey, CA writes on May 3, 2011:

thgis law is too harsh on men.. I believe that it is being abused to often every day.

Kevin S. from Salem, OR writes on May 2, 2011:

Eight years ago I told my wife I wanted a divorce. Then she proceeded to beat me and I was hauled off to jail where she falsely accused DV and took it to trial. I was found guilty by court house and department of corrections employees that made up most of the jury.

While in state prison I met other Fathers that had been Alienated from their children for profit and greed . When I was released from prison my ex-wife accused me of conspiring to commit murder for hire. The D.A. tried to build a case out of it from just words out of lying mouth.

I was interrogated by DOJ. The homiced detectives in Reno Nevada, who did not know anything about the alleged plot to kill the ex, my son and the grandma. So after waiting to years for the homicide det. to show up from Reno, I decided to give them a call and spoke to Det. Alexson. He said he had not know anything about it and didn’t understand why he was not informed, when he had the police report in front of him.

I told him that I had been beaten, captured and enslaved by women and that it why it is so important for him to help me keep the feminist away from my ex wife when she dials 911 and do the investigation because my son needs a father.

The DOJ has been trying to get me to make a false confesion for 8 years. Oregon is not prosecuting mothers that falsely acuse Fathers. There is alot of money to be made in OR, keeping Fathers separated from their children. Conspiring to commit murder for hire carries a life sentence.

The transcripts of my trial have been alterd to make my accuser look like she told one story. I had a hearing in March 2011 to see if I can get a new trial and my ex mother-in-law testified that her daughter is pathalogical liar and has a history of being dangerous and violent to men. At my hearing the state has taken notice that she has lied about her the incident.

My ex and the state need to stop terrorizing my son and I and start minding their own business.

Tammy R. from Omaha, NE writes on April 28, 2011:

I have found and that the men always get the blame. The women can hit the man and claim to be a victim. I check on Domestic Violence and it shows nothing about men all help is aimed to assist women

Anonymous from Spencerville, OH writes on April 26, 2011:

my wife had used domestic violence on me because she was wanting to get rid of me(divorce) because she had cheated on me with another and i really want to save our marriage, at first she did go with my laywer to da and told them that nothing happened and wanted the charges dropped, cause at that time we desided we were going to work on our marriage. however the da wouldnt do it, the da even sent me a letter stating that i had a restraining order, how they had never filed it with the court cause my wife was trying to get it dropped but they would not do what she asked for, she had to write to the judge, how ever during that process my wife decided she wanted to leave me for a 24yr old boy she met. but we were to gether up until i was sentenced, the only thing the da did was drop the charge to a misdeameanor domestic from a felony domestic, how i could not afford the right attorney, i was sentence to 6 month jail in whitch i served, after my realease me and my ex got together and now she has realized what she has done falsing the domestic crap, wishing she could change it cause now that we are together she has to pay for it to anlong with our children cause i cant get a job, she thought about writing to our governer totell him what she done to see if i could get pardon cause my state doesnt allow record to be sealed, ive already tryed, i have the person that i so called beat up on my side, tellg them i never did what the da siad i did, but i still have to pay for the domestic falseness for the rest of my life, things with domestic should be investigated more, is not right that its guilty until proven innocence, hell even if you can prove it the dont listen just to get a verdic, im still with my exwife 3 yrs later and we’re still trying to figure out away to get rid of this so i can finally work again and we can move on with our lifes, i hope congress listen to us falsly accused of domestic violence.

Anonymous from Lusby, MD writes on April 26, 2011:

I think you need to rephrase your petition sentence below to include “innocent men/and women” I signed your petition, “Worse yet are the cases of these innocent men who are poor and have no means to hire private attorneys”.and I agree with your concerns however, I am a woman and I too believe that there are people with money to hire an attorney in my case their attorney was the one whom told me a lie, I walked out of the court room thinking the charges were dropped but they were not. My daughters father said I abused my15 year old daughter because she wanted to run wild and did not like being on restriction so he filed a false restraining order. I too do not have the money to hire an attorney and am searching the web to find out how to appeal or ask for a new hearing. the only thing I can think of, in order to get a chance to tell my side of the story, is to go file for an order myself against the other party. I live in MD so the laws are different I am assuming. Prior to the restraining order he contacted Child Protective Services and they investigated and found no and closed the case. After that they filed for an order of protection even after the investigation proved no abuse. So he still has my daughter and there is nothing I can do.

Michael C. from Chester, NJ writes on April 25, 2011:


Anonymous from Marietta, GA writes on April 25, 2011:

A good looking mentally disturbed women who was guest in my home has accused me of a felony DV via strangulation. In fact she assaulted me viciously twice in the same night one week earlier while I was in a deep sleep. She called the police they are totally ignoring the truthful report I made about her assaulting me. Everyone is turning a blind eye especially the state attorneys office. All they want is a prosecution. It is a disgrace that the this lying female DEAMON is being encouraged and PAID victims $$$ to misuse these laws in a vindictive and cunning way. She now is on an out of state vacation partying and visiting her other women buddies across the country. She did not even show for the injunction hearing… the judge had no problems with that poor women not being there to defend her lies. You ask WHY ..BECAUSE she pressed the 911 buzzer button FIRST therefore you are GUILTY. Now everyone is catering to this lying DEMON. The State Attorneys Office and law enforcement are all turning a blind eye to the truth. Even the victims advocate is of NO help. There is NO innocent until proven guilty if your a man and no resources to turn to. The whole thing is setup for women. It is as sick as a mass murder running the streets. They are actively abusing the government resources to destroy innocent men. This sweet DEAMON has beaten 2 other men (one violently) that I am aware of at this time and my lawyer is telling me the state attorney will have have this evidence suppressed because it is not relevant.l Hell if that’s not relevant then GOD only help us. (DEMON>>>DEVIL>>>DISGUSTING ROTTEN CARCASS is a more descriptive term)

Kim B. from Mebane, NC writes on April 24, 2011:

Lost my children and home based on lies from my Wife and her demonic family. The majesty at court house wrote his own report to submit to the judge. Which was not what my Wife stated on the police report. Everything she stated on the report was conflicting. She lied about everything. Now my kids have been brainwashed to believe I’m a bad father and husband. My so called D.A. was a joke and wanted nothing more but for me to accept a plea bargain.. Now I have lost everything, including the kids which they have cut me off from their facebook, they won’t answer their $400 cellphones mommy bought. Yes kids 8, 13, and 15 with $400 cellphones..ridiculous!

Wife is having a secret affair that her Mother and Sister along with her so called close friends have been collaborating behind the scene to get me out of our house. All thanks to Joe Biden S1515 bill and his army of attorneys across the country.

Anonymous from Fairmont, WV writes on April 19, 2011:

My son’s ex has used false allegations and a restraining order to gain an advantage in their child custody case. The evidence is there to prove her lies and instability but no one is willing to see it. My granddaughter is the one that will suffer the most. I have completely lost faith in the judicial system.

Brad G. from Calabasas, CA writes on April 19, 2011:

I am a victim of a false allegation and was strip of my self evident civil right to be equally believed because I have male characteristics. I am one of the very lucky who was able to prove my innocents and am suing my false accuser.

Ben L. from Brockton, MA writes on April 18, 2011:

Massahusetts is one of the worst states for this bias******against men. A woman can call the police on her boyfriend/husband and with no evidence, he will be arrested and put through the system…and don’t even get me going on the scumbag prosecutors that refuse to drop charges when the accuser comes forward and tells the court she lied. I went through hell when I was married to an illegal immagrant from Cape Verde (guys, stay away from woman from this country…whoa..they are friggin’ trouble) and me having a great job and paying taxes, was arrested many times because she (an illegal paying no taxes with no job) said I assaulted her. I called the police on her several times, and they still arrested me. East Boston police are so bias…they don’t do their job and investigate…they just find it easy to arrest and charge the man. East Boston police, you can kiss my ass.

Anonymous from Greentown, PA writes on April 17, 2011:

i have been fasley acused,finatialy distroyed with no resorces to eather help my wife or clear my name. as a christian i must forgive and help my wife,this is imposible for me finatualy. being disabled, i have limited funds.PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS there are lives being destroyed with only your felow lawyers bennifiting.

Brandy A. from Vale, NC writes on April 14, 2011:

I personally know men have have been falsely accused of domestic violence and restraining order violation based on womens lies. This is a violation of civil and constitutional rights. These women falsely filing charges are manipulating the court system and wasting tax dollars that the country cannot afford to waste.These women should be held responsible for ruining the life of an innocent man.

Bill R. from Hart, MI writes on April 14, 2011:

I am fully behind this all the way. I personally know of men who have been falsely accused of Domestic Violence and was put in jail til their court dates when they were release based on the women’s lies. In these cases it was the women who were trying to find an “edge” over the men to seek full custody of their children. Even tho in court it was proven that they lied, the damage was already done, and the courts did nothing to the women who lied about the men in the first place. As with any other “crime”, there should be “innocent til proven guilty” with things like “facts and evidence”… not speculation, hearsay, and false assumptions.

Anonymous from Milpitas, CA writes on April 14, 2011:

ex vietnamese wife also created a false TRO with no proof to get custody of our daughter,spouse support, add child support. I was played like a fool. Never thought anything could happen like this or that anyone would ever stoop so low for money. then she just dropped the TRO when I found an attorney but the chances of domestic violence continue to denie me any rights with getting additional visitation time. I’m also treated like a criminal when I go to court. It’s so incredibly ridiculous that the family court system plays ignorant of any proof that I present of the lies. I don’t understand why slander per sa cannot be used in family court. Family court seems to be one of the most corupted ways that the court system and attorneys use to create revenue. It’s the biggest joke I’ve ever had the pain of witnessing

Anonymous from Nashville, TN writes on April 10, 2011:

I’m a woman and my vengeful husband easily used this law to gain huge and unfair advantages that would never be possible if decided fairly in divorce proceedings. After 14 years of being a good wife to him, greed and anger led him to knowingly make the untrue claim of “abuse victim” and based solely on his statement, the charge of domestic violence was made against me, with its wide-sweeping penalties effective immediately, while he was rewarded with every possible benefit, including having the police available for his protection. This set in motion the near total destruction of an innocent woman’s life and it is shameful that TN courts allowed it to happen.

Something is very, very wrong when even the rarest of abuse victims – a MAN – is allowed to make such a blatantly unbelievable and unsubstantiated claim against a WOMAN!!! I could have easily proved my innocence, but that was one of my many rights just steamrolled over with this barbaric, brutal law.

Anonymous from Davenport, FL writes on April 9, 2011:

After serving as a Corrections Officer for over 15 1/2 years, keeping the public safe by ensuring that the accused ” Bad Guys” stay behind bars and standing behind the judicial system. Never having been in trouble with the law or history of excessive force, no investigations… I am a victim of th very same system I upholded and protected. My husbands exwife has placed a false injunction against me and has continued to harrass me through different methods. I appealed the decision to only be denied. Her attorney stated that she was opposed to the order of protection being dropped. I cant get a job in the department I applied for because of this bogus injunction. I cant believe that this was granted to her without proof! I have seen many women enter the very same jail I worked in that couldnt get an order of protection after being attacked by their boyfriends or spouse. Then my husbands exwife files a false claim and without proof my life has been ruined. All of this is being done because my 17 year old stepdaughter does not was a relationship with her mother for many reasons. I have spend thousands of dollars protecting and defending myself and nothing has worked. PLEASE HELP!!! THIS IS A FORM OF HARRASSMENT AND SLANDER. AN ADULT VERSION OF BULLYING!

Anonymous from Wasilla, AK writes on April 5, 2011:

I have a 22 yr. old son who has a 17 month old son with a very vendictive piece of trash 26 yr. old. Time after time after time, whenever the baby’s mother gets in the mood to cause problems for my son she calls the police and “claims” that he has assaulted her. Each and everytime the police are called, they care not to hear his side as to what really happened simply because all that really matters is that he is a man and she is a woman and that automatically makes him guilty. To prove my point, there was a time recently that this woman beat my son over the head with a night stick and the police were called. Needless to say, she was not arressted nor brought up on any type of charges what-so-ever. Yesterday was another day in court with the same false dv charges against my son. Of course because she is of the female gender and the “alleged” victim” she ruled the court. I am so tired of the bulls**t that the courts lets women get away with it’s crazy. Something really needs to be done about the injustice in Alaska towards men. Women need to start paying in one way, shape, or form for filing all these false charges against innocent men and destroying their lives.

V. A. from Southgate, MI writes on April 5, 2011:

i went through all this a few years ago, however its over for me and i did get the charges thrown out and gaind some physical custody of the child.

never stop fighting

Anonymous from San Jose, CA writes on April 4, 2011:

I just recently made a false report after i got out of the hospital for over dosing on benadryl. I tripped, acted immaturely. And my fiance and I just recently started going to therapy to help me cope with my problems better, my man is on parole and probation and got remanded when he saw his parole officer today. I went with him and told her it was false and she still took him in. Now i got to fix this cause I’m the one that lied and deserves to be punished not him so I have to call probation, parole board, D.A. and repair everything. It’s not right and I’m wrong.

Anonymous from Englewood, CO writes on April 4, 2011:

My first experience with this filed by my wife. No threats, no violence just a method to kick me out of the house I paid for and set up alimony for the rest of her life. Oh yes I get to pay all of the house bills too.

What a system set up for women to abuse the so called perpetrator of domestic violence.

Anonymous from Danville, KY writes on April 4, 2011:

These laws need changed. So many women think this is the first step to child custody. They make these accusations with no proof at all and are able to ruin the lives of their children and husbands. they are never held accountable. These laws do not prevent domestic abuse but take needed resources from the women who really need these protections.

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